• How I Believe Education Should Be Free For Everyone

    To get educated is one of the most precious things on earth, as knowledge provides you different pathways of life. It helps you grow and sustain your direction of life and aids you to make wise decisions. This is a great tool for further pathways in life, and so I believe, Education should be free […] More

  • Reasons why I think Tennis should be promoted more in Pakistan

    Tennis is a racket sport that is played between two people or can even be played in doubles as well. Knowing the enormous amount of talent present in Pakistan, I always wondered why officials don’t promote Tennis as much as they encourage other sports in the country. I came up with this theory that people […] More

  • I Noticed That Children Learn Better Than Adults, Here’s Why

    I know it has always been a dilemma as to who can learn faster and better, children or adults, the former’s probability is far more than the latter though. I found out there are many tasks that children prove to be quicker at than adults, in fact not just quicker but they even perform it […] More

  • What does science say about time travelling?

    The scientific theory of special relativity familiarizes us about the three dimensions of space. It is one of the most complex phenomena as the all these dimensions are like a fabric knitted together. Space and time can never be considered as two different entities. The clock is always ticking We know that time never stops. […] More

  • Has Artificial Intelligence Already Taken Over Us?

    Yes, it is all happening around us. According to the technological experts, Artificial Intelligence has the capability to make our lives easier if incorporated correctly in our daily routine. Artificial Intelligence in Our Daily Life  There is no stopping to the AI when it has become a very integral part of our everyday live. However, […] More

  • 7 ways technology is shaping the future of education

    We believe that the use of technology can divert the mind of our children from education and can become a hindrance in the learning process. We might be overthinking or taking it in the wrong way because, technology is doing more good than the harm caused by its wrongful use in different aspects. It solely […] More

  • Foresight: Can we rely on technology for a better future?

    When we think of our future, we imagine flying cars and super-tall man-made structures. Somehow, we ignore the affects that could be caused to our societies and out planet as a result of these changes. Let’s not go to that point and think the way technology has affected our day to day life. Over-dependence on technology […] More