Syria War: Will it end up in a global conflict?

What started as a domestic riot upon the undue arrest of school going children has now become a never ending global issue.

Officially recognized as the Syrian Arab Republic, Syria is a country found in the territory of Western Asia, it shares its borders with Lebanon and also with the Mediterranean Sea to the west, located in its north is Turkey, Iraq to the east, Jordan in south, and Israel to its southwest.

However, the situation was not always like the one we see in Syria today. It was just like any other normal country of the world where people have their day-to-day life and petty problems that usually get resolved to some extent till day end. Syria has been the home to some of the most valuable historical sites recognized by United Nations, most of which have been destroyed due to the ongoing warfare.

How did the Syrian Civil War begin?

Looking back at Arab Uprising

When we talk about Syrian Civil War, it is not that we are limiting our scope to Syria only. However, the root cause of everything that is happening today lies in the Arab uprising which is a series of violent and non-violent protests and other incidents effecting political as well as decorum of the civil society of the Middle East countries.

All of these public moves and riots were mostly against the military rules and dictators that were somehow causing the social unjust in these societies.

Torturous Behavior with School going Teenagers

The incident that triggered all this brutality can never be forgotten. It can easily be termed as the immaturity of the authorities to handle a particular situation and it is that they brought it all to a point where there is no going back. Yes, it is about that day when a 14-year-old kid wall-chalked slogan against the government among with his friends on their school building.

Acting unjustly, the authorities took all those responsible in their custody and act brutally with them by not only prisoning them but also tortured them in an extremely painful way.  It was this incident that caused the anger and rage in the local people and they took it to the street in order to protest.

However, instead of normalizing situation and putting things back to routine, the Syrian government started to make things worse by opening fire on the protestors.

Ever since 2011…

The civil war in Syria is ongoing since March 2011 and instead of dispersing the violence by listening to the demands of the locals and negotiating to find a solution in order to curb this regional violence, the authorities and international forces are adding fuel to fire.

We are all aware of the presence of ISIS in the region and it is this situation that turns out to be mostly beneficial for such kind of terrorist organization. The main purpose of terrorism is to disrupt peace in the region, and with so much of blood shedding and loss of innocent lives, it seems as if this motive has been fulfilled to some extent.

Ever Increasing Death Toll

Hundreds of thousands of innocent people have been killed whereas millions have been left homeless. A large number of people have fled the country in search of refuge. Life has become unbearable for Syrian people as they see their children dying in front of their eyes and there’s nothing that they could do to save them.

By Nish Nalbandian from A Whole World Blind, a collection of his photographs from Northern Syria

It is not only the fight about military forces but it is about making the decision whether to kill the civilians or not. Even the humanitarian experts are in shock upon the behavior or the concerned authorities. The involvement and support of different countries of such kind of attacks have made the situation worse.

Multiple regional and international humanitarian organizations are condemning the situation in Syria as the attacks by the forces and airstrikes done in the name of fight against terrorism is the clear violation of some of the very basic human rights. Amnesty International, UNICEF, Save The Children and other similar organizations are aiding the people of Syria. In worst case scenarios, they help the Syrian refugees to easily flee the country just to keep them alive.

A Direct Threat to The World Peace

Countries that are powerful enough of supporting these kinds of clashes directly or indirectly are putting world peace at risk. A more sensible and mature approach is required to carefully tackle the ongoing situation in Syria in order to curb more causalities and damage from happening. However, in reality the situation is vice versa and it feels as if those who have the authority and power are just adding fuel to the fire.

By just scrolling through those devastating pictures of the Syrian people, one is left heartbroken. There is a feeling of anger and rage developing in different societies around the world. Apart from that, they can still put an end to this extremely strenuous warlike situation that is claiming lives of hundreds of people with each passing day.

Now a great divide can be felt in the world politics and it seems as if the clash at a massive scale is about to take place. Considering the graveness of the situation and thinking like a responsible being living on this planet, we still see a ray of hope that all this havoc can be stopped and that we can still bring peace to Syria if we want to. They have the right to live like any of us and they also have the right to see their children play in a peaceful environment.

So, our prime responsibility as a human being is to condemn such kind of violence and to spread the message of peace and love all around.

What do you think?

Written by Openiun