SVOD: Is it Right to Ditch Cable TV for Netflix?

It’s just like the dawn of a new era in home entertainment industry, where you see a major behavioral change in the consumers of cable TV. However, there are certain aspects that has caused SVOD (Subscription Video On-demand) services are preferred by people in general these days.

Why to switch from Cable TV to a service like Netflix?

When we are talking about Netflix, we are talking about the next level entertainment because it is a part of this digital age. A streaming service that allows its subscribers to get entertained by enjoying all of their favorite shows, documentaries and movies in the form of high quality streaming video right on their Television set.

Services like Netflix let people enjoy quality time with their families as they get to watch their favorite shows without missing a single episode of it. So, let’s find out what are the actual features that Netflix offers its customer, leaving them with no choice but to cut the cord (unsubscribe from Cable TV service)

On-Demand Streaming

Gone are the days when people had limited options of using those TV antennas or subscribing to a Cable TV service. Subscription Video on-demand (SVOD) service like Netflix has changed the whole scenario. Now people have a choice and they can easily choose not to pay hefty subscriptions for the channels that they don’t even watch.

In this way they can spend their valuable resources to get the entertainment that really worth it. However, one of the major benefits of Netflix is that you can download and watch your favorite show whenever you want. All you need is just active internet connection while downloading the content you want to watch later and the rest is done by this amazing video on-demand service.

Availability of Original Content

In this era, a lot of people are involved in piracy that is causing the authorities to take strict actions. Piracy is one of the most common things that has mostly been detected in the cases of local cable tv services and such kind of illegal acts are causing big companies from the entertainment industries to lose billions of dollars each year as pirated content has been broadcasted to a lot of homes in North America from these Cable TV services.

However, again in the case of Netflix whatever you are going to watch on your TV screen is going to be 100% original content streamed in high definition that gets you entertained unlike anything. There is also a video library from where you will get all the shows and movies that you desire to watch either with your family or friends. On top of that, you can enjoy all  of this without the fear of piracy.

Ad-Free Entertainment

How does it feel when your favorite shows are crammed with never ending commercials? All of the interest and suspense gets spoiled. It happens especially when you are watching a thriller movie on Cable TV and all of a sudden, the channel start showing commercial that lasts for several minutes so in that case, you might not watch that movie anymore because it is impossible to retain the interest after such a long commercial break. According to a recent estimation, commercial breaks on different TV channels sometimes last for almost 15 minutes which is quite a lot of time.

Yes, we all admit to the fact that nothing could be more annoying than watching a bunch of commercials in a single break interrupting your favorite show for minutes and this is what gets people bored. Fortunately, the service of Netflix is absolutely commercial free. Yes, you read it right! It means no more repetitive or boring ads and that you can just sit on your couch while keep your eyes crazily glued to your favorite program while delightfully maintaining the level interest in the content you are watching.

Affordable Membership Plans

It is not that this SVOD service is out of reach of the common people or that it is not affordable for everyone. With numerous other benefits for subscribing to Netflix there is another very fruitful advantage of this service which is that it is offered in mainly three different packages.

Those packages have been devised by keeping in view the needs of the users so that the service can be accessed by masses. Basically, the three membership plans known as basic, standard and premium offered by Netflix These are the packages from which people according to their needs. There’s even an option of upgrade and downgrade.

On top of that, all of these packages are justly priced which means that if you are paying more, then it means you are getting more features like for example if we talk about the premium plan, one feature of it allows you to watch 4 screens at the same time. Again, it depends on you that whether you have to pay the charges of premium package or stick to the normal package page.

It can undoubtedly be admitted by all of us that Netflix has made a lot of people to forget about Cable TV and of course, it is one of those services that are setting new bench marks in the field of home entertainment.


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