Some Fashion Hacks Everyone Should Know

People run after brands and expensive items to wear in order to look good. No doubt, they can help you look trendy to some extent but again they cannot let your personality stand out unless you know the right trick of carrying the latest personality as per your appearance.

Doing it the right way!

You get user manual when ever purchase a new product. the purpose of it is to tell you the correct us of that specific product. The same thing implies in the world of fashion. Here, you don’t get a user manual along but you can keep a keen eye no the current trends to make one of your own.

Everyone loves to look fashionable but this isn’t enough, you must know the right way of carrying the fashion you like to wear. There is no rocket science behind it, you can make every fashionwear good on you by following these simple hacks!

Try going black

source: the cheat sheet

Black never goes out fashion. It is the hue of infinity, the color that attracts every. So, if you are going to attend an evening party or get together, a little black dress would perfectly work for you.

On top of that accessorize yourself with matching jewelry to add cherry on top and if you want to make it the most attractive outfit of the evening. Not only that getting dressed in black turns out to be affordable but in terms of appearance, it looks extremely versatile.

Always go for a good fit


No matter how expensive fabric you wear, if it is not in a good fit, then it is of no use. From the above picture the difference between the two cases is clearly visible. This thing again emphasizes the importance of properly carrying the fashionwear that we chose to wear.

The over all features of your body should be correctly measured so that you can only get clothes with perfect fit in your wardrobe which is obviously very important for you too look good.

The Denim Talk

Of course, we can never forget denim when we are discussing fashion hacks. Denim is the ever-green fashion. However, you can make it look cooler by pairing it with the right piece of clothing or wearing delightful accessories with it.

The shades of denim matter a lot. if you are a person who works with their jeans on instead of pants, then you should definitely be opting for dark denim. On the other hand, if you want to go on a road trip or just hangout with friends while looking good, then you should go for the lighter shade.

Source: Glamour

Pairing denims with some cool looking accessories will definitely do the magic. Like wearing a leather cap and cat sunglasses work perfectly for you just like you can Rihanna flaunting them in the above photo.

Large Sunglasses

Source: Vint & York

The hotter it gets, the cooler it looks. Yes, the style that never goes out of fashion. Many of us are crazy for large sunglasses. Be it a man or a woman, everyone looks cool while wearing those oversized sunglasses.

Wear them and they’ll surprisingly give you that celebrity look and can delightfully complement the outfit you are wearing. Even oversized shades come in different shapes that one can chose according to their facial features.

Tee is Everyone’s Favorite

source: alibaba

Did someone say tee? Yes, tees are everywhere and are loved by everyone. They come in wide variety of styles and can be paired with almost anything. They give you the best way to flaunt your style on a hot summer day and even on a cool evening by the seaside.

Striped tees are something that will magically add charm to your personality. They can be worn by both men and women while giving them a striking look. Though there are numerous types of t-shirts including Polo, V-neck, Henley, Graphic and the list goes on like this.

All these different styles of t-shirts have different purposes and that you would always discover a new aspect of your overall personality when pair it with your desired shorts or trousers to turn it into a delightful outfit.

Let’s go formal


We go out and work every day. A lot of workspaces around the globe require us to be formal. In the old days, people use to wear suits that appear to be loose. There was a trend of half sleeves shirt back in the 20th century. However, the debate is still on and a lot of people say that it is still in trend.

Debate about half sleeves shirts is something that must be discussed some other day. If we look around, we come to know that formal attire mostly requires people to wear full sleeves shirts. No doubt, one look more smart and attractive when they are wearing full sleeves shirt having a good fit.


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