Simple Henna Designs For Eid You Need to Try

If you don’t know what henna is, it’s a paste made from dried henna leaves that is then placed in a small cone and piped onto the skin in various intricate designs. With Eid around the corner, you’re probably busy trying to decide what type of henna design you want to go for this year. Fear not, here are some simple henna designs for Eid that you can do easily at home yourself if you don’t have access to a henna artist. 

For best results, do try to leave the henna on overnight, so you can get the color to be as dark as possible and last longer.

12 Simple Henna Designs For Eid

A very simple and delicate henna design that can be easily replicated, even for beginners.

This unique middle finger henna design looks very elegant can can give your hands an elongated look.

A simple henna design for Eid that focuses only on the fingers. This way you can easily wear ring bracelets that don’t take away from your henna look.

A very easy floral henna look that won’t take too much time is sure to go with you Eid outfit.

Another delicate floral design that doesn’t look too heavy and is sure to get heads turning.

A more unique and bold look to go for. Definitely a bit different from traditional henna designs but looks great nonetheless.

An extremely simple yet elegant design that is perfect for the minimalist.

A stunning henna design that focuses mainly on the side of the hand so you can easily wear rings without it taking away from the design.

A design that is inspired by mandalas and looks very clean and simple.

A more modern henna design that is not only simple, but gives a very beautiful look.

Definitely another unique and modern design that focuses on minimalism. If you want to go for something different this Eid try out this design.

Another different design that uses a square base. Looks interesting yet very symmetrical at the same time. If you want to try something new this year, I recommend this design.

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