Here is the list of richest countries in the world 2019.


Current International $:  83,777 

1,788 rooms, along with 257 lavatories, a banquet hall that could accommodate as much as five,000 guests, a mosque for 1,500 people, an air-conditioned solid for 2 hundred polo ponies, five swimming pools and 18 elevators: this is where Hassanal Bolkiah, the Sultan of Brunei, lives. His fortune—derived from the large reserves of oil and natural gasoline of the USA—is estimated at over $20 billion, forty instances that of britain’s Queen Elizabeth. notwithstanding Bolkiah’s opulence, and a consistent with-man or woman GDP of over $86,000, malnutrition in Brunei is common. something like 440,000 human beings—40% of the population—earn much less than $1,000 12 months. as if matters had been no longer awful enough, the sultan—whose fortune is stated to increase by way of $147 each second—determined in April 2019 to enact loss of life penalty via flogging and stoning for people who commit adultery and sodomy. Being one of the world’s richest international locations really does not suggest being one of the maximum just. 


Current International $:  103,717  

Singapore’s financial system increased by means of three.2% in 2018, a pointy slowdown as compared to 2017, while it grew three.nine%. global alternate tensions could have such consequences. but one would be difficult-pressed to locate any clue of this deceleration through looking at the country’s GDP in line with capita figures. in step with the IMF, GDP in keeping with capita grew in 2017 grew to over $86,000 from the previous year, reached $89,000 in 2018, and is projected to comply with this upward fashion in 2019 and until as a minimum 2024, whilst it’s far expected to jump to $99,000. How did Singapore turn out to be so rich? whilst Singapore have become unbiased in 1965, one-half of of its population become illiterate. With virtually no herbal assets, Singapore pulled itself up via its bootstraps thru hard work and clever policy, turning into one of the most business-friendly places in the global. nowadays, Singapore is a thriving change, manufacturing and monetary hub and 97% of the person population is adult literate. 


Current International $:  108,813  

You may go to Luxembourg for its castles and exquisite geographical region, its cultural festivals or gastronomic specialties. Or you can simply installation an offshore account through one in every of its banks and never set foot again, as many do. it’d a pity although: located on the very heart of Europe, this nation of about six hundred,000 has lots to offer, both to its tourists and its citizens. Luxembourg uses a big share of its wealth to deliver higher housing, healthcare and education to its humans, who by some distance experience the highest preferred of dwelling within the Eurozone. fairly, it’s miles well worth mentioning that both the worldwide monetary disaster and the strain from the eu and OECD to lessen banking secrecy have had little effect on the economy. In 2015, the u . s . topped the $a hundred,000 mark in in line with capita GDP and in no way looked lower back ever considering the fact that. 

2. MACAO   

 Current International $:  122,201 

In Asia’s gambling capital many are making a bet that Macao will climb to the primary spot of the richest nation’s rating very quickly. formerly a colony of the Portuguese Empire, for the reason that gaming industry become liberalized in 2001 this unique administrative region of the humans’ Republic of China has seen its wealth growing at amazing tempo. With a populace just over 600,000, and greater than 40 casinos unfold over a territory of approximately 30 rectangular kilometers, this slim peninsula just south of Hong Kong is—nearly literally—a cash-making machine. 


Current International $:  134,623  

Approximately $15,000 is, on common, how much each Qatari citizen has misplaced every yr for the reason that hydrocarbon prices started dropping in 2014. still, the united states of America’s overall GDP according to individual in 2019 is still projected to stay above $134,000, barely up from remaining year. Qatar’s oil, gasoline and petrochemical reserves are so huge, and its population so small—only a little over 2.6 million—that it has crowned the list of world wide’s richest countries for 20 years. This feat is even extra awesome given that Saudi Arabia and its allies imposed a blockade on Qatar in 2017. 



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