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Reasons Why You Should Plan A Visit to Baku, Azerbaijan

Do you love you travel? How about we tell you a destination where you can get the most out of your travel experience. One destination that will be enough to fulfill all your dreams as a traveler. It has history, vibrance, culture and a lot to explore.

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Why to Fall in Love with Baku?

Well, here we’ll be telling you some of the reasons that make your visit to Baku a must. After knowing all this, you will surely fall in love with this city which is the largest and capital city of Azerbaijan. So, shall we get started?

Attractions in the Old City

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Let’s first talk about the historical core of Azerbaijan. Yes, we are talking about the OLD CITY or Inner City. The place itself has a lot of wondrous sights. It will give you the magical feel of wandering through the alleys of history.

Halal Street food

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There are countless number of roadside food spots in Old City, Baku that serves extremely delicious halal street food. A diverse range of dishes, highlighting traditions of different middle eastern and European countries greet you!

Historical Monuments

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Maiden Tower is an age-old monument that was built in 12th century stands tall in front of you. It is surely an incredible sight and will make everyone fall in love with the antiquity that this city has to offer.

Well, there are numerous historical sights in the area since the area itself is known as the ‘Old City’. However, there are some noteworthy structures like Shirvanshahs’ Palace. The Old City is separated from its surroundings with a wall built in the old times.

The Baku Eye

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It seems like we have discussed enough of history. Now, let’s focus on some other wonderful places in Baku. The heading above suggests that here we are talking about The Baku Eye, so what actually is it? Similar to The London Eye, it is a Ferris Wheel.

However, the best time to visit this sight is in the night when it is incredibly lit, adding to the beauty of the city.

Bay of Baku

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Bay of Baku is one of the main reasons that make your visit to Baku a must. You must hop in a boat and cruise tit while enjoying the breathtakingly beautiful panoramic views of the city. It is a whole new experience in itself.

Heydar Aliyev Park


Here we are talking about one of the most beautiful sights of the city. Those who are touring the city of Baku should visit Heydar Aliyev Park in order to express their love for this particular city, its culture and hospitality.

Family Friendly Environment

Source: Azer News

Touring with family has its own charm. Baku is the best place where you can spend a memorable time with your dear ones because of its family friendly environment. Whether its day or night, you would find some exciting activity for the whole family.

Be it food, shopping or entertainment, the city of Baku is full of delightful surprises for the whole family. So, have you started packing already? It means you are on the right track. However, we are not done with the reasons to love Baku, Azerbaijan.


One of the most incredible things that motivate a person to travel is affordability. The reason we are mentioning this factor here is that Baku, which was once an expensive city has now become cheaper because of the falling prices of Azerbaijan’s manat against US Dollar.

Ultimately, when you are travelling around the city of Baku, it will turn out to be an affordable destination. It means you can do more in the city by spending less amount of money. Don’t expect hefty bills even if you are planning to have a hearty meal at any local restaurant.

Easier to Get Around

Source: Kongres Magazine

The city where it is easier to move around, automatically turns out to be everyone’s favorite. If you think you could get lost in Baku, then you should think again. Navigating around the city is pretty easier as Baku is divided into many prominent blocks by the long straight road along the Caspian Sea.

What else would you look for in a travel destination?

As shown in the video, the city itself comes to life at night, spreading its beautiful colors in all directions.

Now that we have given you enough of the reasons to travel to Baku, Azerbaijan. No doubt, it is a beautiful city and if you have planned visiting it, then we you are going to spend the best time of your life while living through beautiful memories.

So, pack your bags and gear up for the most exciting travel experience of your life. Baku is a place that is surely going to offer you exciting cuisines and culture.


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