10 Reasons Why You Need to Switch to an Electric Vehicle

The future of the automobile industry is green. Cars running totally on combustion engines are slowly being overtaken by hybrid and electric vehicles. 

According to an estimate, the demand for electric vehicles, popularly shortened as EVs, is expected to grow 11 folds within the next 15 to 20 years.

Keeping in view many environmental benefits and technological aspects, in this article, we are going to give you 10 of the most noteworthy reasons why you need an electric vehicle. 

Now, without any further delay, let’s get started! 

EVs are Cheaper to Maintain 

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Having fewer moving parts and mechanical equipment in electric cars, they are cheaper to maintain than maintenance costs of electric vehicles are much cheaper than gasoline-powered vehicles. This also means that as an electric car owner you wouldn’t be needing to visit the garage or workshop frequently for things like oil and other mechanical fluid checks. 

Switch to EV for a Pollution-free Future

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One of the greatest and most prominent reasons why you need an electric car is the cleaner air. Electric cars use energy from batteries to drive their wheels instead of mechanical engines. With no combustion engine, electric cars produce zero amount of smoke. The reduced levels of smoke and other harmful gases naturally cut air pollution and smog, especially in metropolitan areas where smog problems are a norm due to the high numbers of vehicles. 

Amazing Health Benefits

We are already aware of the fact that electric cars greatly reduce air pollution. They don’t produce harmful gases that, in the case of petrol cars, are mainly emitted from the vehicle’s exhaust system. Harmful fumes produced in the form of lead and sulfur oxides among other toxic gases are a normal case in gasoline-powered vehicles. These airborne chemicals don’t only hurt the environment but also make people sick. These gases can lead to very serious and chronic health problems such as breathing complications and lung cancer in the worst-case scenario. However, if you are driving an electric car and also surrounded by EVs then you won’t be exposed to these harmful gases any longer. 

Noiseless Driving Experience

If you’re a fan of a quiet driving experience, then you really need to upgrade to an EV since they’re not dependent on loud combustion engines. In car-centric, the noise of traffic is a norm. This causes a lot of trouble for residents living in the central parts of a particular metro area, especially in apartments located in commercial and business districts. With more and more electric cars on the road in the future, noise pollution in the cities will be greatly reduced.

No More Queues at the Gas Station

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Electric cars can change your life in a good way. Instead of wasting your time by waiting in long queues at gas stations, now you can charge your vehicle at your house like you charge your mobile phone. You can have your car charged overnight while you’re at home. You’d wake up in the morning and have your car fully charged. Now you can take it wherever you want to, without worrying about an empty gas tank. This is going to be a very big convenience that can save you a lot of time in the morning every day, so you won’t be late for work or any other place you’re headed. 

High Energy-Efficiency Means More Savings

In EVs, energy is transferred to drive the wheels and other parts in a more energy-efficient way than petrol cars. In this entire process, almost zero amount of power is wasted, making an electric vehicle highly fuel-efficient and increasing its mileage significantly. It is one of the biggest reasons why you need an electric car. 

Attractive Government Incentives for EV owners

To encourage more and more people to buy EVs, governments around the world have announced special tax incentives for electric car owners. These incentives may include tax rebates or exceptions. It will naturally make you feel more privileged, giving you all the more reason to upgrade to an EV. 

More Charging Points are Now Available for EVs

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The future is green and all the stakeholders of the automobile sector know about it. With the increased number of electric cars on the road, more and more public EV charging stations are being established. So, even if you haven’t charged your car from home, you may find an EV charging point on your way. These charging points make it very convenient for electric car owners to move around as they can easily get their cars recharged from different locations. This is also one of the most noteworthy reasons why it is the right time to upgrade to an electric car. 

Better Driving Experience and More Speed

With some of the most advanced and cutting-edge technological features, electric cars are bound to provide you with a better driving experience than petrol-powered cars. While driving an EV, you may experience the better transmission of torque, all the way from the motor, which is basically its engine, to the wheel. It makes a car more responsive and even allows it to go faster. Electric car manufacturers like Tesla have beaten many famous gasoline-powered vehicles when it comes to speed and horsepower. This is also one of the major reasons why you need an electric car. 

Now You Have a Variety of Electric Vehicles to Choose from

With the growing popularity of EVs year by year, they are now being produced by many different companies. This means, in today’s world, there are different car styles, types and brands available to choose from while buying an electric vehicle. Teslas (the pioneer brand of EVs), BMW, Nissan, and Volkswagen among others, there are various popular auto brands now involved in the manufacturing of electric vehicles.

Well, that’s a wrap of our detailed article on some of the top reasons why you need an electric vehicle. After going through the above information, we can safely conclude that EVs are not only environmentally friendly but also offer a better driving experience and are easier to maintain than a petrol-powered vehicle. However, switching to a new vehicle totally depends on your preferences and requirements. 

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Written by Spencer K