Qatar Through My Eyes – An Astounding Experience!

Qatar has been part of the Middle East and is one of the most breathtaking places I’ve ever visited. With the architecture inspired by the Ancient Islamic Art and whose terrain comprised near the coastline and desert, it’s a massive hub for recreational activities.

I always underestimated the region of the Arabian Peninsula but after my first visit to Qatar, things have definitely changed for me! There’s so much to see, so many little things and visions surrounding the Arabian state, to encounter.

Days have gone when for vacations; the Western world was considered to be an only option. Now, seeing the countries in the Middle East have outgrown so much, and Qatar been the richest country on the planet, take a look to know how I found this place to be so beguiling.

The Airport

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I went awestruck with it being so beautiful, constructed with shiny gigantic glass walls, with more than 1500 poles lightening, and 100 buildings within the site, it was an extravagant site to explore. I couldn’t take my eyes off the giant Teddy that was placed in the departure area.

It was nothing like an ordinary Airport. With over 100+ shops and restaurants present within the Airport, it was Heaven for a shopaholic like me! There was no rush or chaos of the crowd that we usually can expect in such places, instead, everything was so facilitated and organized.

Their Airport lies in the top 10 ranking of the largest Airports of all times. This statement is absolutely true, with so much traffic on board, their Airport rituals still work smoothly and on time! I did not face any difficulty in finding my lounge as all the paths were properly labeled.


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Qatar is all about the beautiful buildings and other sites that are intricately crafted and constructed keeping Islamic Art as an inspiration in mind. Places like the Museum of Islamic Art, Souq Waqif, Fanar, and Abd-al-Wahhab Mosque are all part of their extravagant design.

Not only does Qatar possess old-fashioned architecture, they believe in moving forward and so, thus the country is also surrounded by one of the most newly designed frameworks. Been one of the fastest moving cities around the world, Doha has so much to offer to its tourists!

The Doha Tower, Aspire Tower, Tornado Tower, Aspire Zone, The Pearl, and so much more is what Doha holds in their treasure of groundwork to discover.

The welcoming culture

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The best part about this whole trip was the surprising welcoming response of the people living over there. They’ve been the most helpful every time I needed them. They made sure their country is loved by every tourist visiting them, making me feel charmed in every possible way.

The Islamic Traditions are strictly followed there, simultaneously respecting other religions and nationalities. The women behind their veils and the men in the markets possessed way too much talent in whatever job they do. The kindness is latched in almost every heart of a Qatari.


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Being a foodie, I find this my responsibility to explore the top places and the finest cuisines to satisfy my cravings. Doha happily lived up to my expectations. The Middle Eastern cuisine is one of the top cuisines that I have ever tried.

The Cherry on top was the unlimited restaurants and street cafes that offered so much that made me go all crazy! Their Lamb Mandi, Rich, and saucy Shawarma, Samosa Chaat, Falafel, Kunafa, Machbous, etc makes one fall in love more!

My supper just got better when I dined in Souq Waqif, which had a small open-air restaurant location. Eating the best Barbeque and concurrently enjoying the live music of Qatari Vocalists just made my evening even better.

Shop till you drop!

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If it’s Doha, then you’re in the perfect shopping spot. There are so many malls situated in the city, all planned to cater to the needs of the citizens and tourists. From huge top-notch brands to everything small-scale, they have everything that you desire for!

I experienced that their malls have almost every brand like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Marks & Spencer, Victoria’s Secret etc. I felt like there’s no need to travel to different places in the Western World when I can get the whole lot in the Middle East!

Besides the brands, the culture is what they believe in preserving. I discovered so many local products in the street markets in which, some were handmade and some locally produced.

My unplanned trip made me discover new horizons that I wasn’t expecting at all. Discovering Doha was definitely an exciting experience. Whenever you plan for a getaway, you know where to go!


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