Psyche: Does fashion affect our mood & behavior?

Do you always want to look nice? Well, most of us are like this. Well, we have a whole lot of discussion to do on this topic, so let’s get started!

It is a fact that we all work up a little extra out of the ordinary to look nice on special occasions and there is absolutely no denying to it. It also leaves most of the people in a state of confusion as they are unable to manage their time between picking up the right outfit and getting dressed for the occasion. It leaves a person stressed and sometimes irritated.

After a research carried out, experts of psychological science have now found out that the way we get dressed speaks a lot about our personal and professional lives.

Speaking of our personal style which is reflected through the way we behave, eat food, the clothes we put on and the way we spend our lives interacting with people. These all things affect your mind and shape up your personality.

So, knowing that you have got the fashion right, you will feel more confident and act in a much livelier way. It is not that wearing expensive brands will give you all the happiness but it is that you have to believe in your decisions when you are dressing up for any big moment or occasion in your life.

Brand Phobia

As we have already mentioned that you don’t have to run after brands to feel happy but try carrying up yourself the way you like. There are those people who get envied of people when they see them wearing their favorite brand. This is one of the biggest example of fashion affecting our behavior. It makes them to act rudely or even hurting their own friends.

It is one of the strangest psychological situation of a person caused due to their extreme level of admiration and likeliness of the brands they follow. It also causes people to become spendthrift and in most of the cases at a particular stage of life they realize all this and become resentful.

Are we in control of our behavior?

The answer to this extremely good question is that scientists have spent decades of their lifetime while researching on human behavior and they are not very happy with what they have discovered. According to the research conducted in behavioral sciences, it has been revealed that we don’t have much control over the way we behave and interact with people and this is going to change our perception forever.

It doesn’t mean that we can’t blame ourselves for acting or behaving rude with others. For example, we may be unable to find the outfit we are desiring to wear and we might also feel stressed but one thing that must be understood by all of us is that the person standing in front of us isn’t responsible for the situation we are facing. So, if you ever face such kind of scenario, just BREATHE & RELAX!

Getting clothed for something!

Are you still having doubts that clothes affect your mood? Look around and you will find a lot of living examples and even your own physical experiences that will clear all your doubts. It is all related to the psychological phenomena and the working of a human brain. The way our thoughts get processed and our acts are all related depending on our appearance and overall personality.

A research which was conducted on a people who were basically a part of the scientific research lab and it was found out that while they were wearing those white lab coats, there was an unexpectable boost noted and recorded in their performance while being in the lab. So, this thing significantly backs up the very concept of fashion or clothing impact on human behavior.

Dress well and live positively

Yes, we take self-confidence as a mental muscle and every human being living on this planet has it by birth. If you know the art to use it, it can smartly let you adopt a well-groomed personality but then again, in order to achieve all this, you first have to dress for it.

People usually feel an immeasurable amount of self-confidence when they know that they are dressing well for a particular occasion. Looking good will surely mean that a person will be getting most of the attention and appreciation. This will let them feel all the positivity in their life. It brings out all the liveliness and cheerfulness that is contained in their behavior to others.

Dressing well is like an individual is portraying their own style in the finest way. The overall look of a person can either be enhanced by the accessories or any other latest fashion trend depending on their gender and their preferences.

In the world of fashion, people should also restrain themselves from following a materialistic approach as this will always leave them envious and dissatisfied. No doubt, simplicity is the best way to carry your fashion and style.

What do you think?

Written by Openiun