You may have heard the statistics: sales people who use social media as part of their sales techniques, exceeds 78 percent of their peers. developed by the activities of employees in social networks. Prospects are seven times more likely to develop than other prospects.

How does it work? Can you really use social media and content marketing to increase sales and increase your business? Yes, and I speak from experience. I regularly use my personal brand to generate additional income for my business and I am not a seller. The following tips can work for everyone. Through online branding efforts, you will gain a competitive advantage in increasing sales, regardless of whether you have a distribution function or not.

The process is simple: by providing useful content to potential customers, you get more attention, control the narrative, improve your sales funnel and, ultimately, increase sales of your business.


Would not you be in better shape if more people knew something about your company?

Of course. As a result, business owners spend thousands of promotional activities. Of course, advertising can be useful, but these campaigns are often expensive, impersonal and do not provide real added value for the client.

Instead, think about your business building your personal brand and using it as a platform to educate and entertain customers. It may require more effort than throwing money at an ad, but it is much more profitable and will offer in the process more permanent and loyal brand representatives.


What do you see when you visit Google?

Better be good By Internet users, 65 percent consider online search as the most reliable source of information about individuals and companies. This level of trust is higher than any other online or offline source. An impressive first impression, centered on the mentions and awards of the press and improving the credibility? “Okay, maybe I’ll call him.”

Irrelevant or negative information? “Hey, maybe not.”

After all, your customers are simply a search on Google by a competitor that seems more credible than you. Do your homework to make sure your first impression is as convincing as possible. Here are some steps that make the difference:

Clean up your current situation: Scan your Google results and eliminate the negative or irrelevant results that you control (photos of professional associations, old sites, etc.). Then, use the social scans, mark yourself to find inappropriate posts in Facebook and Twitter feeds quickly and delete them.

Create a personal website: create a domain with your name in the URL and create a focal point for your information, including your experiences, blog content, relevant press, awards and honors (for example,

Book your name on social media platforms: there are 10 search results on your first Google results page. You need 10 properties to control the story. Do not register your name on the relevant social networking platforms and do not forget to optimize them for SEO benefits when you are finished.


Attracting the attention of your business is good, but lead generation is better.

Good news: if you perform the correct keyword research in advance, content marketing will pay for several months in the responsible department. The result is a web with educational content that constantly leads to my site, my email, my newsletter and my social networks.


I talk a lot about the importance of online reputation management for entrepreneurs. Perhaps the most important benefit of my online brand is the inherent proof that I am walking.

Of course, it seems that someone in the personal branding industry is painfully obvious, but it can work for the entire industry. Imagine, you start a business, DIY solar kits sold online.

Suppose you write content about the best and worst types of solar panels, tips for self-installation and how you used your own kit to save money and protect the environment. When he identifies potential clients and complains, “I do not know if I can really do it myself”. Is not it hard to install? You can save them in your article “How to install my own Solar Panels in 20 minutes and $ 550.

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