Nailing the Basics of Parisienne Fashion

Parisienne fashion is all about liberating your curves and playing up the natural elegance of your posture. It is a commitment of always staying true to your own personal style, and never allowing fleeting trends to shroud your inner goddess.

Paris street style never fails to astound us with its exciting population of effortlessly elegant and insanely chic women. Parisienne women wouldn’t want to be caught dead trying too hard to rock a trend that suffocates their curves, or makes them appear over-done.

Their outfits play up the minimalist chicness of basic styling staples and neutral-toned outfits, which highlight their beauty assets and instils them with a powerful dose of self-confidence. Ladies, embracing Parisienne fashion is about embracing your flaws, and taking pride in your natural beauty. The trick is to play up your body not your clothes, for a French woman’s sensuality is dripping with simplicity.

Here, take a look at all the basic rules of Parisienne Fashion:

Effortless Minimalism

Minimalism is always the underlying goal of a French femme, and she achieves it through effortlessly elegant silhouettes that promise comfort and versatility. A Parisian woman would never layer and pair outfits that would dominate her sensuality and make her look overdressed. She finds grace in minimalist outfits, the simplicity if modern cuts, the vibrancy of energetic colors, and the comfort of luxurious fabrics.

Needless to say, Parisian fashion slams down extravagance, urging you to flaunt your curves rather than flaunting a stacked-up combination of seasonal trends. Parisian outfits usually consist of no more than 2 basic layers, which could be skirts, denim jeans, matching separates or perhaps a thin denim jacket thrown atop a raggedy tee.

So you see ladies, the trick is to embrace simplicity with basic fashion staples that accentuate your curves and give your stride a comfortable poise. The key is to avoid crowding up too many trends in one outfit.

Say No to High Heels!

High heels deny women the grace and poise that accentuates their ladylike elegance by making it unbearably uncomfortable for them to walk. Parisian woman discards the trashy glamour of high heels, stilettos and chunky platform, and instead, they embrace the grace and charm of smart kitten heels and comfy low block heels.

The streets of Paris will treat you to an excitingly abundant display of gorgeous kitten heels, and elegant women tic-tocking the pavements with an effortless stride. You see, kitten heels promise an undeniable comfort that gives you a confident stride, whereas high heels tend to make walking a visibly agonizing struggle. Besides, low heels are the perfect pick to elongate your height by a subtle inch or two, without forcing your derriere to stick out unflatteringly.

Stock up a versatile variety of block-heeled mules, low platforms, and lovely kitten heels.

J’aime Breton Stripes

It girls like Audrey Hepburn and Bridgette Bardot were huge fans of the contemporary chicness of infectiously voguish Breton stripe outfits. You can play up their minimalist chicness with at least half a dozen staples in your wardrobe.

Breton stripe tees give a women’s figure a smart and petite statement, highlighting her curvature and playing up her beauty assets. These are a definite must-have for an on-point contemporary casual wardrobe, and we see Parisienne women flaunting them with all their go-to outfits. You can pair them up with denim jeans, dungarees, skirts, pants and basically every other bottom staple known to womankind.

Masculine Glamour

Parisienne women exude a charismatic charm and they take great pleasure in channeling their inner alpha with powerful masculine fashion staples. Be it a sharply tailored pantsuit or a sleek tuxedo with a deeply plunging V-neck, a Parisian femme never shies away from creating a bold moment of menswear glamour on the streets.

You will spot many a menswear staples in a Parisienne wardrobe, and if you want to channel your masculinity, we suggest you pick out some sexy power suits from Gucci and LV, sharp blazers, tweed blazers, ankle pants, tuxedos, and chunky leather belts.

Just be sure to steer clear of the horrid lanky and loose pantsuits, the kind that we often spot Hillary Clinton wearing. Ralph Lauren has a striking collection of sharply tailored power suits that will give your statement a sharp dose of masculine glamour.

Sensually, Nude

Nude and other neutral hues, like tan, blush, rose gold, camel and coffee browns, are all the rage in Paris street style. French women play up the versatility and neutral elegance of these sensual hues to give their apparel a striking sophistication. You can pick out nude trench coats, leather jackets, blazers, jumpsuits, matching separates-basically anything and everything you can get your hands on!

Workwear staples in Paris largely comprise of blush pink and nudes, as it allows women to channel their grace with an infectiously voguish elegance. Besides, most women aren’t aware of the fact that all-nude outfits are their perfect trick to tuck in that gently protruding muffin top to slim down their waist and elongate their curvy legs.

An Abundance of Trench Coats

Paris has a very laid-back and outdoorsy vibe, and ankle-grazing trench coats are a French women’s signature pick to rock a laid-back chicness. Needless to say, a trench coat is by far the most versatile and functional styling staple in a French girl’s wardrobe, and we see her flaunting versatile colors, like caramel, tan, browns, nudes, and camel.

One simply cannot deny the super functional and effortless chicness of a trench coat, for it can turn your most basic denim-and-tee outfits into a strikingly presentable statement. These are a definite must-have for days you running horribly late.

50 Shades of Button-Downs

A basic white button-down is one of the most versatile and functional of styling staples, and a French girl can teach you how to style in over at least 50 undeniably sexy ways. Parisienne fashion is all about playing the chicness of your most basic staples, and a basic white button-down can amplify your glam for any and every occasion.

For instance, you can style it up with blazers, jackets, trench coats, denim, camisoles, or even a shimmery sequined maxi skirt for a festive affair. Believe me, girls, there’s no going wrong with a crisp white button-down!

Sexy Bedheads

Minimalism and effortless chicness don’t simply end at clothing, these two elements are also reflected through our hairstyles and cosmetic experiments. If you’re using too many styling products and heating tools, girl, you’re trying too hard, and that’s where you’re wrong.

A French girl takes immense pride in rocking her sexy bedhead waves for they give her style statements an added sensuality that makes her so irresistible. So, ladies, the trick is to let go of hair styling products and tools and embrace the natural beauty of your lovely locks.

A sexily tousled and tangled mass of curls cascading down your face is just what you need to seal your outfits with a voguish sass. Now, if you’re a woman with naturally-straight hair, please don’t go around curling your hair because that would ruin the whole beauty of bedhead waves.

Here’s an easier trick: style up your hair in heaps of braids before going to bed and when you’ll open them in the morning, you’ll be delighted to see a naturally sexy head full of bedhead waves.


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