MWC: What to expect from the Largest Phone Exhibition?

Yes, Mobile World Congress is the largest international exhibition of mobile phone technology that is conducted every year by GSM Association (Global System for Mobile Communications). The year 1987 marks the beginning of such kind of exhibition that was named as GSM World Congress with the purpose of development and innovation of mobile technology and communication at global scale.

People call it the largest gathering of mobile industry at global scale, as it is one big platform that is full of opportunities not only for already established brands but also for the new entrants in the market. Another important part of this annual happening is a conference that takes place among all the prominent figures and other entities belonging to the mobile phone industry.

There are representatives of different mobile operators, phone makers, technological service providers and also different vendors belonging to similar fields from all around the world. So, it is like one of the best opportunities for already existing players of the mobile phone market and similarly for the entities that are trying to make their existence count in the particular field.

Flashy Innovations

First thing that strikes anyone’s mind while thinking about Mobile World Congress is the technological innovation that is one of the most eminent part of today’s world. It is not that some of the biggest brands such as Apple, Samsung and Huawei – which are the most dominant players of the market from a long time – keep on incorporating new technology in their devices to be more successful but in fact it has become a necessity for their survival.

It is the main reason that you would see extremely bright flashes of innovations coming from every section of the exhibition, as everyone there is flaunting the incredibility of the mobile devices they have to offer to the world.

Unthinkable Advancements

Of course, Mobile World Congress is overwhelmed by the presence of unthinkable advancement being made to the devices that are put on display. As already discussed it is the largest global platform where all the influential people of the mobile phone industry participate. It is the chance that no one can let go and especially for all the mobile geeks who go crazy for mobile technology, it is like all of their dreams come true.

In today’s world, in terms of technology and design there are many aspects that can be improved or showcased in a whole new way by the phone makers to attract more audience towards them. However, with each passing year the time intervals between these advancements that are being made to these devices are continuously shortening. Now every month, they come up with something delightful new but they hardly unveil it and wait for it to be unveiled in an impactful manner at the Mobile World Congress.

Crazy Developments

Obviously, it sounds crazy but that’s the perfect term that should be used for the developments that are taking place in mobile phone industry. The two factors that have become the prime focus of almost every mobile phone brand: one is to bring out the best technology and the other one is to stay ahead of the competitors. It is the thing that has also made some of the brands to get derailed from the real motive of their business.

At Mobile World Congress, it is these crazy developments that make companies stand out even if those ideas are not much practical or long lasting but at least they become the reason of the hype and fame that is desired by every contender. One of the most relatable incident is the relaunch of Nokia 3310 at the occasion of Mobile World Congress 2017 which was fancied by every other person but from sales perspective it could not do so well.

It is not that each of these crazy developments is disadvantageous but it has to be considered by all of the companies that if such kind of moves are well thought and properly worked out then they could be proven fruitful not only for the sake of staying ahead in the technology game but also for their brand image and recognition.

Better means of Communication & Connectivity

With advanced and state of the art technology easily available and within reach of every other person, it is also important to have a reliable connectivity network. In this modern age when people have become extremely dependable on mobile networks so it has become very important for the telecommunication companies around the world to provide services that provide fast and cutting-edge connectivity.

This is what we see each year at the Mobile World Congress where many of the cellular service provider companies take part and demonstrate the technologies they are going to incorporate in their services to ensure better and faster connectivity. It is that they keep a constant eye on the advancement of cellular technologies and work on their services in a way to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the people in general.

Whenever a new technology in the field of connectivity is fast approaching, big stories about it are unveiled in Mobile World Congress to create all the hype or delivering all the necessary information in order to bring every important matter into the desired lime light.

Media Coverage & Popularity

Digital, Electronic and Print Media; almost everyone eyes on the Mobile World Congress until it takes place every year. According to an estimation, the graph of the expectations from Mobile World Congress is going up and stake holders know it really well. It is the fact that they keep coming up with the innovation in design and technology of mobile devices in order to keep the general interest maintained in their product and services. This is also one of the main reasons that Mobile World Congress has gain a lot of popularity and fame in the recent years.   


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