10 Must-have Home Gardening Tools

Do you like your home to be surrounded by nature? Well, you can try setting up a home garden that would give you a refreshing sight of lush green leaves and colorful flowers every time you head out and look around your house. You can also consider adding fruit and vegetable-bearing plants to make it a fully-fledged kitchen garden. 

Like other living beings, plants require proper care and regular grooming for their flowers to bloom and leaves to grow in a healthy way. To effectively maintain your outdoor space filled with your favorite plants, you need to use the right equipment. So, to help you out in this regard, we have come up with this article. Here we are going to tell you about some of the most essential home gardening tools and their uses. 

Now, without any further delay, let’s get started! 

Shears and Pruner

Grooming your plants is one of the important things you should do when taking care of your home garden. It not only helps you to control the growth of your plants but also gives them a nice overall appearance. Don’t forget to pick the right tool to effectively groom your home garden. Shears and pruners will surely help you to effectively get done with the cutting and trimming job. 

To cut plants that grow large shrubs, you should use be using shears whereas pruners can be used to cut small unwanted branches and steps usually 5-8 inches long.

Gardening Hose

You should be watering your plants regularly if you want them to thrive. This is why the gardening hose is considered one of the most essential home gardening tools. It allows you to reach out and spray each and every corner of your outdoor space, wherever there are plants. 

It is good to install an adjustable nozzle so you can adjust the pressure of water as per your need. Watering plants with unnecessarily high pressures using a garden hose may damage the delicate flowers and leaves on them, hampering their growth. 

Tip to Remember: Always store your garden hose in a coil shape without any unnecessary kinks and curls in them as they can damage it.


Home gardening gets even more interesting if you have a specific tool for every different task. To cut small branches and stems growing only 1.5 cm or less, you should use a lopper. You can use this product to neatly prune small twigs and branches to give your plant a nice neat and clean look. There are two types of lopper: anvil lopper and bypass lopper. Make sure you are buying the right kind of lopper according to your requirement. Anvil lopper has softer blades as it is used to cut soft plants, on the other hand, bypass lopper has sharper blades as it is specifically designed for heavy-duty use.

Watering Wand 

Check the size and length of the watering wand carefully when buying it for your garden. It is one of the most useful home gardening tools that allow you to shower your plants in a gentle way. Watering wands with good length can help you easily reach high-hanging potted plants and baskets in your outdoor space. Check if the watering wand you are buying has a built-in valve to turn off or control the flow of water. It would allow you to stop and adjust the flow of water as per your need so you can conserve it as much as possible.


A wheelbarrow comes in handy when you have some heavy amount of soil that needs to be moved around your outdoor space. One of the most commonly used types of wheelbarrows has a dual handle and a single wheel. Its shape and design often make it harder to be moved around when heavily loaded. On the other hand, a wheelbarrow with two wheels is also available these days. It is more convenient in balancing and has a better distribution of load and bearing capacity. You can easily use it to move around heavy items even on any uneven terrain.


Dead leaves, fallen branches, and other types of debris may easily ruin the look of your home garden no matter how well you take care of it. This is why always have a rake as a gardener. It is one of the must-have home gardening tools. Rakes are also available in different shapes and sizes these days. 

You should always invest in a good quality rake, maybe an adjustable one. The adjustable rake may allow you to adjust the head and steel tines of the tool as per your requirements. A particularly adjusted shape and size of a rake will help you easily reach narrow areas to whisk the debris and dead leaves away and bring back your outdoor space in good condition and appearance.

Hand Trowel

A hand trowel is probably the best tool for transplanting the plant container. You should always go for a hand trowel that has been equipped with a broad blade if you need to move the soil. On the other hand, a hand trowel with narrow blades is more useful for you if you are digging plants with rocky soil and deep roots. Pick a tool that has been forged with stainless steel as this makes it naturally more durable. Items made with stainless steel also won’t rust easily.

Gardening Spade 

From digging up soil for tree plantation to moving small mounds of soil, a gardening spade is used for a variety of tasks in a home garden. They are usually the short-handed form of shovels. Gardening spades usually have corrugated surfaces with treads that are found near the edge of the shaft and the tool’s head. This allows you to apply some extra force by positioning your foot on the tread. This technique will help you cut through the thick layers of soil and dig more effectively.

Gloves, Long Boots, and Other Essential Pieces of Gear

Make sure you are dressed properly while treating your home garden. Wearing gear that is meant for gardening and other outdoor tasks will prevent you from getting sunburn. If you don’t want your hands and feet to get dirty while you carry out your gardening tasks, you can always wear long boots and gloves. 

By wearing fitted jeans or any other clothing item would make even the simplest of gardening tasks hard for you. So, it is recommended to wear loose clothes like shits made of soft and comfortable fabric, baggy pajamas, and pants. 

Watering Can

Last but not least, a watering can, can also hold great importance when it comes to getting the job done with different types of home gardening tasks where water is needed. A lot of people nowadays use plastic cans because they are not prone to corrosion or rust. However, if we talk about durability, plastic watering cans are no way near the metal ones. 

Watering cans either come with small or large sprinkler heads. The ones with small sprinkler heads can be used to water indoor plants to take care of their health and growth. On the other hand, outdoor plants can only be effectively watered with watering cans having large sprinkler heads.

We hope the home gardening tools we have listed above will help you improve your home and kitchen gardening practices as a newbie. It is also worth mentioning here that even the most experienced gardeners need to use the right tools and equipment to ensure the healthy growth of their houseplants


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