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Is Waterpik Water Flossing The Right Choice For You?

At this point, you must be familiar with what a Waterpik or water flosser is. In case you are not, these are mostly wireless...

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My VR World NYC Experience and Review

Before you dive right in on this VR World NYC review by some stranger that you have never met or heard of, here’s a...

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How to avoid the Coronavirus Guide: A New Yorkers Perspective

Disclaimer: Before you jump to conclusions, this article is not about avoiding any particular race of people, that would be just plain racist. If you've...

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Honest Food Review: Red Bamboo NYC | A NYC Vegan Restaurant (Open list) (4 submissions)

My wife and I were randomly walking around Manhattan towards the Washington Square Park area when she spotted this restaurant that claimed to be...

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A Few Reasons Behind Why I Left Dentistry

Quick disclaimer: What you are about to read is entirely my personal opinion based on my own personal set of experiences, which play a...

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How to make passive income in under 10 minutes – $0 investment – Openiun

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This study changes everything we know about addiction – individual recovery vs. social recovery help recovering from an addiction? Well, it's not just your battle alone. You got yourself into it - well, did you really?Watch this video...

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Top Keanu Reeves Interviews: John Wick 3

Here are the most interesting Keanu Reeve's interviews that I found. Wanted to share with you all. Feel free to up vote or down...

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Get 2 Free Sensors with eufy Security eufyCam E Security Camera Purchase

I will be sharing top reviews of the eufy security camera below. If you're interested in buying the camera, I highly recommend using the...

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How I started a career into Product Management with no technical background

Roughly 5 years ago, I was a full time practicing dentist in Pakistan. My day started with rushing to a job I did not...

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