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The Best airport in the world

Travelling can be super fun and spontaneous sure, but the hassles of getting through the airport customs can be quite a nightmare. Have you...

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Who started the kiki challenge?

Let's admit it, no matter how diverse our world seems to be from one another there are certain times when we come together, if...

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Baku: the new travel destination

If you haven’t already heard of Baku as the trendiest destination spot to travel to this year, then embrace yourself to know about it...

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How meditation can change your life

Have you ever wondered what meditation can do to you? Or why several people around the world spend 10 minutes minimum every single day...

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Identifying Depression at its earliest

Depression has become one of the top leading causes of suicides among people from various age groups, especially during this year. With a heavy...

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Signs you are addicted to your phone

In today’s world, unfortunately our cell phones are dearer to us than our friends and family. It is an undeniable truth that we are...

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Things you must do in your 20’s

Let’s all face it, time is flying by faster than a jet plane and there’s unfortunately nothing one can do about it. When you...

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How Yoga helps to de-Stress

We all face stress, tension or fatigue in some point of our lives whether it’s our body or mind that seeking for relief. Sure...

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Why it’s good to be a little self-centered

We’ve all surely come across someone in our lifetime who is completely self-centered or self-obsessed with themselves and lets be real, some of us...

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Lost Etiquettes

As I placed my order at the corner table of the small café down the road, I noticed a woman admirably gazing at a...

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