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Nailing the Basics of Parisienne Fashion

Parisienne fashion is all about liberating your curves and playing up the natural elegance of your posture. It is a commitment of always staying...

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Styling tricks from the glorious ’90s

The ‘90s fashion scene was dominated by a glorious glamour and the edgy boldness of the carefree youth that exuded a sassy attitude, an...

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Natural Remedies for a Glowing Complexion

A naturally radiant and blemish-free complexion that gives off a seductive golden glow is the beauty dream we all intend to achieve. Some of...

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The Lazy Girl’s Guide to an Immaculate Wardrobe

If you’re a lazy girl, you obviously have a great many dreams, but procrastination always gets the better of you. Don’t let bouts of...

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Insanely chic styling tricks to play up a basic denim jacket!

Denim jackets are without doubts the most functional and versatile clothing staples known to womankind, and they are our ultimate style saviours on days...

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Bold Accessory Trends to Channel the Bad-ass that Dwells within

We all have a badass that dwells deep within our inner goddess, and yearns to exhibit itself should the moment arise. However, unfortunately, many...

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Stress Busting

There are countless aspects of our busy modern lives that trigger stress and anxiety in our minds. For some, it can be a stressful...

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The Psychology of Weight Loss

Dieticians, nutritionists and weight loss experts keep confusing us with complicated numbers and food items that cost twice more than our regular grocery items,...

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Infectiously Voguish Vintage Trends that Refuse to go Out of Style

Vintage trends that command grace, magnetic sensuality and undeniable charm are often seen repeated on fashion runways and red carpets over and over again....

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Most Amazing Destinations you’ve Never Heard Of

Mainstream tourist destinations, like the Great Wall of China or Paris’ Eifel Tower, are well-known and swamped by tourists all year-round, but only the...

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