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DeFi vs. Mining vs. HODLing vs. NaaS

Nothing in this article is a financial advise. It's good to know what options exist out there for when it comes to investing in crypto...

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Solving the electric vehicle charging station shortage problem. Starting with Tesla

Disclaimer: I do not own a Tesla, however, I do own shares in the Tesla company as it is publicly traded. I may or...

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Startup Business Ideas with Business Models and Action Plans

After spending nearly 8 years as a product manager for numerous small sized (startups) and large sized companies, I have come to the realization...

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My VR World NYC Experience and Review

Before you dive right in on this VR World NYC review by some stranger that you have never met or heard of, here’s a...

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Honest Food Review: Red Bamboo NYC | A NYC Vegan Restaurant (Open list) (4 submissions)

My wife and I were randomly walking around Manhattan towards the Washington Square Park area when she spotted this restaurant that claimed to be...

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A Few Reasons Behind Why I Left Dentistry

Quick disclaimer: What you are about to read is entirely my personal opinion based on my own personal set of experiences, which play a...

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See what Fundrise investors have to say about their real estate investments

Fundrise is a platform that allows investors to invest in eREITs and REITs of many sorts. The poll below is for active fundrise investors...

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