How to make passive income without any investment required?

We have all struggled with one question, how to make passive income without investing a large capital to get started.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before getting started:

  1. Reduce the investment required to get into the process.
  2. Passive income takes time, but the results are almost immediate.
  3. Be in control of what brings you the passive income.
  4. Grow the cycle.



Here is what each of the above mean in detail:

  • Reduce the investment required to get into the process.

Believe it or not, this is actually possible. Most people think that a large capital (investment) is required to get started with being able to make passive income. While that might be true in most instances, it is also false for a variety of methods.

Take as an example. It takes absolutely no money to get started with Openiun. With spending less than 30 minutes a day by sharing your thoughts on the platform, you can easily develop a following resulting in your posts getting a tremendous amount of views.

  • Passive income takes time, but the results are almost immediate.

Yes, yes, and yes. Passive income certainly takes some time to get to a point where one can leave aside their regular 9-5 job but the certainty in the system is immediately recognizable. You might not be making $5,000 per month within the first year, but generating $5 a week is certainly possible within your first few days of getting started.

With, you instantly start sharing your thoughts and notice how quickly your thoughts turn into a revenue for you. We have seen remarkable results with users on Openiun. With the passage of time, your same piece of content accumulates more and more views (revenue) and that keeps adding towards your monthly goal, whatever that might be. Don’t believe it? Try it!



  • Be in control of what brings you the passive income.

This is the classic example of whether you want to be the restaurant owner, the cook or the waiter when you want to own a restaurant business. The answer is always the cook. Think about it for a second. If the waiter leaves, the restaurant can still function just fine. The cook or the owner can serve the food. If the owner leaves, the cook and the waiter can certainly function and manage the restaurant without the owner. But if the cook leaves, the whole model collapses. Customers are there for the food, not for the owner or to be served “nothing”. With this classic example, always remember to be the cook.

With, you are always in control of how you want to shape your future. By sharing your thoughts with Openiun, you control how much influence you make on others. Your content and your thoughts are what others come to Openiun for. Openiun strongly believes in empowering those who want to take their destiny in their own control.

  • Grow the cycle.

Never remain stagnant. Passive income needs to be maintained. When you water a seed into a flower, you simply do not stop watering the flower. The flower, which is a result of a lot of hard work, has to be looked after as well. Constantly thinking of new ideas and making sure that the old ones are being looked after is the best position to be in.

With, you can constantly explore new avenues of growing your followers by collaborating with others and Openiun on finding unique techniques of sharing your thoughts with a larger audience. Openiun strives to become a platform of community members that look after each others interests and grow together.

Share this thought with those whom you want to grow with. Why stop now?


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