Mac or PC?: Which One to Buy

Looking to buy a new computer but can’t decide whether to go for a Mac or PC? The Mac vs PC debate has been going on for quite some time, so which one is the better choice for your needs? Let’s break it down. 

Mac Advantages

Less Prone to Viruses

When deciding between a Mac or PC, it’s good to know that the odds of getting a virus or malware are higher on a PC. That is due to the fact that 90% of the computers people use are PCs, therefore, hackers have spent more time attacking PCs. As a result, there are more viruses and threats out there for PC programs as opposed to for Macs. 

This doesn’t mean that Macs are 100% secure. In recent years, viruses for Macs have also started appearing as more people have started using them. It is good to have antivirus software installed to keep your computers safe, but as of now, PCs are still at a greater risk.

Better Fit for Designers 

Macs have a connotation for being the best devices when it comes to design and creative processes. This is due to their product design itself, as they are much more visually appealing than PCs and also because some of the design applications available for Macs are Mac-only softwares.


Macs are the only machines able to run macOS, Windows, Linux, UNIX and all their related apps legally. No other platforms are currently able to do that, which is what makes Macs versatile. 

Mac Disadvantages


The most apparent difference between a Mac and PC that people come up with is the price. Macs have a reputation for their premium pricing, as compared to PCs. The average mac sells for over $1000, while you can get a variety of PC models that would fall below that price range. 

It is important to note that even though Macs are quite a bit more expensive than PCs, comparing their prices is difficult as factors such as RAM, processor, hard drive space, USB ports, graphics and softwares also have to be accounted for. 

Not For Gaming

Since PCs can be easily upgraded and have more options for components, PCs are generally considered better for hardcore gaming as the only upgrades you can make on a Mac is memory and the storage drive. So if you’re into gaming and deciding between a Mac or PC, definitely go for a PC. 

PC Advantages 

Touch Screen Features

Microsoft Windows is made to support touch screens, therefore it is available in desktop, laptops, as well as tablets. On the other hand, Macs do not currently support touch screens. So if you prefer the flexibility of navigating your computer using your finger, then PC is definitely the choice for you. 

More Upgrade Choices 

PCs can be much more easily upgraded than Macs and have many options for a variety of components. A PC user has the option to choose from a variety of processors, graphics cards, motherboards, audio cards, memory and more. A Mac user, on the other hand, can only upgrade their memory and storage drive. 

PCs also offer more connection ports as well as the type of connection ports on a device. So if you are particular in the type of ports you want then definitely choose a PC. 

Software/Hardware Options 

PCs are better compatible in the sense that you can run older versions of software or operating systems on new hardware. Macs on the other hand, only run on a small set of hardware, which limits your hardware options. 

Also, from time to time, you may encounter some web sites that are designed to work with Windows features and do not function properly on other softwares such as MacOS.

PC Disadvantages


It is a known fact that more viruses and malware target Windows-based PCs. So if you’re looking to get a PC, you must take the extra necessary precautions, such as having a good antivirus or anti-malware software in order to protect your device from attacks. 


The Mac and other Apple products are all in the same ecosystem. Therefore, your Mac has a connected relationship with your iPhone, and iPad as well. It is very easy to share files with these three devices wirelessly using iCloud or AirDrop. You are also able to open documents from your iPhone and iPad on your Mac easily. Unfortunately, PCs don’t have such an ecosystem with their products so extra steps are needed in order to transfer files. 

So what’s the verdict? Mac or PC? Each has its own advantages and disadvantages when you break it down. The choice ultimately depends on your preferences, what features matter most to you, and how and what you will use the computer for. 


What do you think?