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List of the Most Influential Sports Brands

Sport is not only an activity that entertains us but it let most of the people forget about the problems they face in their actual lives. It provides a healthy way to feel all energized and pumped up. Whether we are in the field playing or just witnessing the match like audience, sports has a very positive effect on our minds.

There are a lot of different sports played from the beginning of time. The field of sports evolved with the passage of time and now we have some of the most advanced ways to enjoy our favorite outdoor games. These advancements have been made because people have established their businesses in the name of sports. There are many sports brands and companies that are purposed to promote and facilitate various kinds of famous sports.

The sports industry across the globe has been flourishing from decades. It is all because we have sports enthusiasts everywhere on earth. People go crazy after their favorite players and buy sports accessories, kits and jerseys. They do all this to openly express their admiration towards their favorite athletes. These are the reasons that the businesses in sports industry are thriving 365 days a year as it has all put them on the front line in terms of popularity and revenues. Based upon information here is a list of some of the most valuable sports brands in the world.

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Nike has been mentioned as the most valuable sports brand in Forbes list. It is a multinational brand of American origin that was founded in 1960s by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight as Blue Ribbon sports. Since then, this company has been involved in the production of diverse range of high quality sportswear and equipment and was later rebranded as Nike in 1971. One of the biggest success factors for Nike is its official sponsorship for numerous famous leagues and clubs of different kinds of sports.

Nike has been used by well-known singers, celebrities and athletes. This has caused the brand to go immensely popular among the fan following of these famous figures. Apart from all this, the unique V-shaped logo of Nike has always been taken as a symbol of fashion for the youth belonging to the high streets.

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Adidas is a German multinational corporation which was started as Dassler Brother Shoe Factory by the two brothers named as Adolf and Rudolf Dassler. Later when the two brothers part ways, Adidas emerged as a separate entity and was led by Adolf Dassler and on the other hand Puma was being looked after by Rudolf Dassler. Adidas is the second most popular and valued sports brand and had used multiple marketing and branding strategies through the course of its history. Just like Nike, Adidas also has a dedicated fan following.

As Adidas is also an eminent part of the global sports industry, a large part of its revenue and popularity comes from the fact that it serves as an official sponsor for various sports leagues and clubs. Adidas has also touched the gaming industry for marketing purpose and their ads have also been featured in a few famous games. The brand has also collaborated with different designers and famous personalities to add more diversity to their line of products.

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Under Armour

Let’s shed some light on this American sports brand founded by a former university football player in 1996. Though it has a lot of tough competition in the field but this company is doing quite well since its inception and its popularity has now spread all over. Headquartered in Baltimore, this brand mainly deals in sportswear and casual apparel.

Kevin Plank, the founder of Under Armour, was sick of the t-shirts absorbing sweat and that he wanted to make a shirt that would take all the sweat away from the body. With this mission he came up with his very own company and started producing high quality apparel and provided the same to the buys. Most of the items that this brand sells are specifically designed for the people to feel utmost comfort while carrying out sports activities. The popularity of this brand has made it to become one of the multibillion-dollar businesses in the world and has landed it on third position in top sports brands list.

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As we know that Puma and Adidas both were founded by Dassler Brothers. Before the existence of these two as separate entities, there was Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory that was founded in 1920s but the partnership of the two brothers didn’t go well and Rudolf Dassler decided to take on its own venture and called it Puma. It is now one of the most selling sports brands and has a lot of diehard fans. Puma is a big name in the world of sports and has always been a powerful contender in the race of success in sports industry.

The logo of Puma represents strength and power that makes its adequate association with sports and games. It is a brand that holds specialty in manufacturing sports accessories and apparels. Puma does not only sponsor multiple international sports activities but it is also adored by hundreds of millions of people across the globe.

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The name of Reebok is surely to be mentioned when talking about sports brands, especially when it has also been named in the top ten sports brands list by The foundation of this brand was laid during the 1950s but it was taken over by Adidas in 2005 and since then it has been acting as a subsidiary. Reebok is also a multinational brand that makes sportswear and equipment, having a large number of buyers around the world. Just like all the other competitors in the field, Reebok also has a unique logo with which it is branded and marketed among masses living in different regions of the world. From football to boxing, this company has provided official sponsorship for different kinds of sports, games and matches on one time or another.

Quality and unique style are the key ingredients of the success of this brand and this is what is desired by most of the people who find themselves extremely involved in games and other athletic activities.


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