How can I be a minimalist? A 30 day challenge that I failed at

Can you guess what day was I able to get to?

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I recently participated in a 30 day minimalism challenge. The goal of the challenge was to help me eliminate the things I don’t need.

I know what you’re thinking. Most people think that it is easy to eliminate the things that you do not need but when it comes to actually getting rid of things that are not in use, it becomes almost impossible to do so.

In case if you do not know what minimalism is or are new to the idea, I recommend watching the movie “the minimalists“. In a nutshell, the concept behind minimalism is “less is more“. There are numerous blogs and techniques that one can apply to reduce the extra clutter.

I found a 30 day challenge online, and you are about to see my journey along with the challenges. I would love to see your journey as well and get your thoughts on mine.

#1 Day 1 👟 (1/30)..#30DayChallenge #Minimalism #project333

Day 1: Get the donation box started.

#2 Day 2 🕶 (2/30) 🌞 + all drawers cleaned. ..#30DayChallenge #minimalist #minimal

Day 2: Eliminating the junk drawer.

#3 Day 3 💻 + 👓 (3/30) . This was tough, but it had to be done. ..#30DayChallenge

Day 3: Finding the item that is beyond repair and getting rid of it. 

#4 Day 4 🖼 + 👞 (4/30)..#30DayChallenge #minimalist #minimalism #project333

Day 4: Remove the items from the guest room. Don't forget about that donation box, one item each day. I had to donate my shoes away at this stage. 

It gets tougher. 

#5 Day 5 👕🎽 🌂 (all I was left with after donating 3 bags of clothes) + 🔊 (5/30) ..

Day 5: One bag of clothing for donation. 

I know those are wrapped up, I just do not like wearing traditional dressing. Those can go. 

#6 Day 6 🗞🚫 + 🔌(6/30) ..#paperless #30DayChallenge #minimalist #minimalism #proje

Day 6: Go paperless. 

This one was truly helpful. My mailbox has certainly been happy about this one and probably the mailman too. 

#7 Day 7 📦 + 🖥 (7/30) ..#30DayChallenge #minimalist #minimalism #project333

Day 7: Declutter your dresser. 

Since I didn't have one, I just cleaned up my study table. 

#8 Day 8 🏚 cleaning + dual 🎧 jack (8/30) ..#30DayChallenge #minimalist #minimali

Day 8: Pick a corner and clean it up. 

I live in New York, so cleaning my apartment is pretty straight forward. 

#9 Day 9 📱🖼 + 💰 (9/30)..#30DayChallenge #minimalist #minimalism #project333

Day 9: Get rid of those frames. Get digital frames instead. 

Thanks to Google photos, I can rely on unlimited storage on pictures. You can not put a limit on memories. 

#10 Day 10 ☮💆..#30DayChallenge #minimalist #minimalism #project333

Day 10: Take an hour for yourself.

I got bored out of my mind within the first 5 minutes but after the first 10 minutes of mindfulness, this exercise really helped me reflect on this process of minimalism and the benefits it was yielding. 

#11 Day 11 The only substitute I could find to “toys” 🎠 ..#30DayChallenge #minimal

Day 11: Clean out your toy chest. 

I did not have any toys so perhaps this day is more useful to parents with young children. I just picked one thing that could use some cleaning. 

#12 Day 12 ✔🔌👔 (12/30) ..#30DayChallenge #project333 #minimalist #minimalism

Day 12: Get rid of the "just in case" items. 

Just in case... I go swimming

Just in case... I need to wear a suit. 

Both happened after I got rid of these items, but I did just fine without these. 

#13 Day 13 📧 + 📒 (13/30)..#30DayChallenge #minimalist #minimalism #project333

Day 13: Now try to get newsletter free. 

We went paperless earlier, now lets go email-less. Yes, even the digital clutter counts and makes a difference. 

#14 Day 14 – 🛏🚫🔌..#minimalist #30daychallenge #project333 #minimalism

Day 14: Turn your bed into something cozy

I don't own much anyways, so my bed usually just has my laptop and a quilt. Post your pictures when you accept the challenge. Curious to know what you do. 

#15 Day 15 – 💻😌 cancelling this year’s purchase. ..#30daychallenge #minimalist #mi

Day 15: Sleep on it. 

... and I did... for 6 months. I ended up buying a new laptop, but I sold the old one first.

You gotta give a little to get a little. Vote on this if you think it counts.

#16 Day 16 – when your guests gift turns into a piece of art, but “gots to go”. Than

Day 16: Get rid of things of sentimental value. 

I'll tell you what, its not the thing that gets removed, but even the sentimental value goes away with it. It helps, I recommend this one for sure. 

#17 Day 17 – 👟👞 – We had a good “run” ..#project333 #30daychallenge #minimalist #m

Day 17: Clean up your shoe collection.

I already got rid of one earlier, so this was hard. But I had to push myself to see what it feels like. It happened. 

#18 Day 18, 19, 20 – lucky to get this on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Using socia

Day 18, 19 and 20: Virtual disconnect. 

I am one of those people that are on their phone 24/7. So for going offline for 3 days ground breaking for me. It too, like everything else, happened. I was lucky to have this start on Friday and it lasted me the entire weekend. 

#19 Day 21 – getting rid of the 🌶. ..#30daychallenge #minimalist #minimalism

Day 21: Cleaning up your kitchen

None of these items were being used for more than once a month, so they were all removed.

What do you think?

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