Is the Paleo Diet the Optimal Diet for Humans?

Food has been a necessity for humans ever since our race first set foot on this planet. Over the years, we have refined as people and the way we use the word ‘food’ has changed drastically. Today, there are diets. Each of these comprises a variety of foods. They serve various purposes and are followed by different people around the globe. Paleo is one of the diets followed by people. 

In this article, we’ll explain what a Paleo diet is, what are the pros and cons that come with it as well as how it has evolved since the days of our ancient ancestors? 

What is a Paleo Diet?

The term Paleo in itself is a prefix that means older or ancient. This is exactly what a Paleo diet refers to. It is a concept which takes people back to the earliest days of human civilization. According to the researchers who introduced the Paleo diet, our ancestors had an optimal mix of a balanced diet and abundant physical activity. Following the same routine can help us lead healthy lives too. 

Although it is difficult to determine what the earliest human beings used to consume, there is a consensus that their diet was mainly whole foods. This would include meat, eggs, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables etc. Things that have to be left out include processed foods, dairy products, soda, sugar and other modern iterations of things. 


The Paleo diet stands on the basis of the fact that since our ancestors followed such a diet plan and mixed it with adequate physical activity, they were healthier, lived longer lives and were not prone as to many diseases as the modern human being. Research also backs the fact that Paleo diet causes considerable weight loss and contributes to the strengthening of the immune system among other improvements. 


There are a number of restrictions which the Paleo diet places in terms of what a person can eat and what they can’t eat. Our first ancestors appeared millions of years ago and over the period of time, our bodies have evolved and become accustomed to certain foods which were not present back then. 

For instance, dairy products are left out of Paleo diet plans. This can lead to calcium and vitamin D deficiencies in the body. This diet also doesn’t provide the appropriate nutrient requirements for athletes and other people who perform heavy manual labor. 

What has changed over the years?

The Paleo diet hints back at following the same eating routine as the earliest humans. Back then things were very different. Meats came directly from hunting and didn’t have to be stored or transported long distances. Same goes for fruits and vegetables. Not only is it hard for us to determine what exactly people were eating in those days, but it is also difficult to replicate the same foods that they had. 

Final verdict

People can have varying opinions over the years, but our bodies have accepted the modern lifestyle including diet. Paleo may be the optimal diet for people to whom it is recommended by nutritionists or other professionals. For normal people though, any diet plan which provides the body with all the nutrients it requires on a daily basis coupled with regular exercise is an optimal combination.

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