Is Being Famous Actually Worth It?

Lights…camera…fame…and loads of action! Well, that sounds like the perfect blend for a worthy life, but is being famous worth it? Is fame just as alluring on the inside as sparkly it seems on the outside?  Is it just a quest of the young? As Lord Byron, the famous English poet of the 19th century said that ‘Fame is the thirst of youth’. Do people outgrow the desire to be known and be celebrated as they grow old? Well in our humble opinion, Fame like most things is a coin with two sides. There’s the shiny sparkling and alluring side which is on display for the world but one has to flip the coin over to actually see the dark and maddening side of it. But does that goes to say that one must completely give up on the desire to be known? To be honest that is subjective and debatable. Let us look at it from both angles.

What it Means to be Famous

The Riches- The Money:

Who doesn’t like good money? Even for the most non-materialistic of souls it is an undeniable reality that money is one of the most essential commodities of life. Being famous means having more face value and enhanced face value automatically translates to people being more willing to invest either in you or through you. That’s why celebrities are the most prioritized people when it comes to being brand ambassadors. Because they are known to the majority. They are recognized and even celebrated in near and far off places. Being famous means more zeroes on your bank statements and that’s definitely a huge advantage.  

Attention and Glamour:

Well, money is not the only thing that makes the business enjoyable and sought worthy. The constant attention and glamour that illuminates the path of fame is definitely another reason why people are so attracted to it. Who doesn’t like being appreciated and loved? Being called nice words and compliments being thrown at you wherever you go? People travelling from around the world only to get one glimpse of their favorite celebrity is intoxicating in itself and makes the work much more desirable.

Supportive fans

Many famous people have been reported to have said that their fans are what kept them going. Especially when going through rough phases in life, celebrities often look out to their loving and supportive fans for motivation and encouragement. One of the biggest sensations of South Korea- BTS have been quoted on many occasions that their fans are their biggest motivation. They keep them going and the boys admitted that even at the verge of disbandment, it was the love of their ARMY (that’s what they call their fans) which kept them together. When so many people look up to you, you automatically feel the urge to prove yourself worthy of their positive reinforcement and kind support.

Special Treatment

Being famous comes with a lot of perks and special treatments such as those extra passes to the concert your kid so desperately wants to go to. Or the best seats at the stadium so that you could enjoy the tournament or the match more conveniently. Or an exclusively customized accessory being specially designed and manufactured for you and the list goes on.

You are heard – You are followed- You may inspire change:

A little example is that there was a significant rise in the number of fathers driving their children to school just because they saw Bill Gates driving his kids to school two days a week. It’s like if the CEO of Microsoft and one of the richest men on the planet can do it, so can you. Today a lot of celebrities are using their voice and face, their recognition and their fame to spread awareness about issues ranging from Climatic change to mental health. From workplace equality to maternal and child health. And in the modern world where we face so many global challenges, it is so imperative for these idols to use each and every medium to promote welfare at all and every level. 

The Negatives That Come with Fame 

No Privacy

If you are famous, your life is more of the public then it is yours. Privacy is only a distant dream, as wherever you go you are easily recognized and sought after. There are people crowding you over for either an autograph or a picture or some sort of proof that they have met you. You can not go to a nearby park or the café around the corner and enjoy some me time without being spotted.

Inclination towards Intoxicants

Daniel Radcliffe or more famously known as Harry Potter is reported to have admitted that during the filming of the sixth movie of the Harry Potter series, he developed an addiction to alcohol. It was the expectation to always look happy and joyful that first made him drink but then he was filmed and captured every time he got drunk and in order to ignore all the buzz around him, he would drown himself in more alcohol. Daniel is not the only example, there are countless other celebrities who lost themselves to alcohol or drugs, either momentarily or for extended periods of time.

Paparazzi and Stalkers

It is no secret about what happened to Princess Diana. Both of her sons, especially Prince Harry have been quite vocal about it and also very adamant on making sure that Duchess Meghan of Sussex (Prince Harry’s wife and the mother of his only son) do not fall into the den of those paparazzi again.

The Negative Criticism:

With all the positive words and people who surround you comes a lot of negatives and poisonous words and souls as well. Kylie Jenner, for example has said that “I wake up every morning at, like, seven or eight because I think that there’s a bad story about me, and I have to check. My worst fear is waking up and finding something bad about me on the Internet.”

Your Mental Health gets Affected:

Almost every person who has walked down the path of fame has at some point fought severe and clinical depression. Many of them have confessed that every time they step into the limelight, they get pangs of anxiety. Being famous is a constant struggle to be at your best and that level of pressure is bound to have adverse effects on your mental and sometimes even your physical health.

5 Celebrity Confessions that Show Being Famous Isn’t all that Great 

·         Ryan Reynolds: Reynolds while speaking to Good Morning America was confronted about why he opposes the idea of his children being part of the show business to which the actor replied by saying

“Mostly because I’m against child abuse. Show business, for a little kid, that’s a crazy pursuit. Acting is great. Theater school, that kind of [thing] is amazing. I don’t know why you would put your kid in show business.”

·         George Clooney: Speaking to Esquire U.K. in 2014, Clooney, one of the most versatile actors of Hollywood talked about how lonely a celebrity’s life may be. He said that many probably think, “What’s the guy in the big house on the hill got to complain about? But the truth is, the big house on a hill is isolating. There’s no other way to say it. There are restrictions to this kind of fame. I haven’t walked in Central Park for 15 years. I’d like to, you know?”

·         Robert Pattinson: The hot-shot vampire from The Twilight series Edward Cullen reported said that “People don’t realize how lonely you are. In any case, I feel fortunate because success didn’t reach me very young, at least, I had the opportunity to have a life before.”

·         Lady Gaga: the singer who inspires millions around the world thinks that fame is another name for isolation. She said; “I don’t think I could think of a single thing that’s more isolating than being famous …”

·         Cristiano Ronaldo: The number one celebrity of the football world said that his life is boring. Speaking to Piers Morgan for the ITV special, he said: “Being me is boring. A part of it is fantastic. Being famous, first page of the newspaper and TV. But after 15 years, after all this time, I want some privacy.

What Does All This Mean?

 Fame, like all great things, comes with a price. A price not many are willing to pay. A price not many can continue to pay. So, is being famous worth it? As addicting and alluring as the world of glamour and fame might seem, it is not for everyone. Excelling at whatever you do is the greatest of achievements but at the same time it is important to stay grounded. To not forget your humble beginnings and more importantly to not forget the people who helped you get there. Being famous is as much of a blessing as it is a curse and it is absolutely imperative to be able to set limits. To know and to convey exactly how much of yourself do you want to share with the world

And for all those who choose to walk the path…May the odds be ever in your favor!


What do you think?