Insanely chic styling tricks to play up a basic denim jacket!

Denim jackets are without doubts the most functional and versatile clothing staples known to womankind, and they are our ultimate style saviours on days all our glamour guns are in the laundry basket.

These amazingly versatile delights can be flaunted all year round, and on days we can’t bother putting up much effort in styling, they give our hastily put-together outfits an effortless seal of chicness. This incredibly dependable fashion staple is the key ingredient for any and every retro-chic statement, and if you’re a huge ‘90s styling addict, you should be able to flaunt your denim jacket with at least fifty different outfits.

The thing is, a distressed and faded denim jacket can multiply the sass of any and every outfit with its rugged glamour, and it’s always fun to create a new look by playing it up with a different staple each time.

Now, if you’re never heard of experimenting and going beyond the usual denim-jacket-with-jeans outfit, girl, I feel bad for you. Because you’re obviously missing out on so much fun. We’re about to show you all the insanely chic styling tricks that allow you sass up the glamour of a basic denim jacket.

Here’s all you need to know:

Dark Bottoms

Black denim jeans are our go-to bottoms to hit the streets, and if you want to create a chic minimalist outfit with your denim jacket, look no further than your dark skinnies. This is has the easiest and most effortless way to strike a sassy pose in your denim jacket, throw on your favourite white graphic tee, black jeans and seal this edgy bargain with a chic denim jacket.

Body Con!

Bodycon dresses have to be the most incredible invention to hit the fashion radar, for they are all you need to emphasize your curves and shroud up all those nasty rolls of fats that make you feel unsexy. If there’s one thing you gotta learn from the Kardashian ladies, it is the art of flaunting a sleek bodycon dress with an edgy denim jacket.

It is the ultimate trick to flaunt your curves with a modest minimalism, and Kim K can give you all the inspiration you need. Word of caution: It’s always better to experiment with neutral-toned dresses, like whites, black, grey, red and nudes.

Gypsy in the City

If you’re a hardcore bohemian fashion addict, here’s an amazing trick to give your gypsy-vibes a contemporary makeover. Flaunt all your favorite boho staples, like beaded rompers, maxi dresses, floral skirts, kimonos and knits with the denim jacket for a retro-chic look straight out of a ‘90s magazine cover.

Cropped & Sexy

Rock a sassy athleisure statement by pairing up your denim jacket with a sexy crop top and high-waisted bottom. Now, this is a splendid trick to flaunt some navel-revealing glamour on the streets, and you can rock this look with your high-waisted skinnies, ankle pants, mini-skirts, knee-high boots or even a pencil skirt. This is a timeless fashion trick, and you can never go wrong with it, ever!

Jumpsuits totally Work!

Yes, they definitely do! And this is by far the best way to give your work-mode power statements an edgy retro-glam. You can even pair up a feminine or floral jumpsuit for a stroll in the park, or a casual lunch with your girls. When paired with a denim jacket, the jumpsuit will give your daytime look a crisp and polished vibe, which is a wonderful way to revamp your style at work without really investing in anything new.

Floor Grazing Drama

When the cold winds start to blow, we often put away all our twirl-friendly maxi dresses and lock them up with all our summer clothes. Girl, when you can flaunt all these vibrantly patterned delights with your denim jackets, why stop yourself from marking a smooth transition from summer to winter? Give your wardrobe a sassy retro-bohemian makeover with this simple little trick that allows you to enjoy all your boho maxi dresses all year long.

Pop Some Red!

Red is the ultimate power shade that can brim up your denim jacket with a divine energy that is simply irresistible. On days you want to give your outfit an attention-grabbing glamour, flaunt some red with the edgy subtlety of denim. It could be anything, a red flared dress, a skirt, tee-shirts, bottoms-basically everything. If your wardrobe is decked with all the hypnotically sexy shades of red, it’s time you start flaunting them all with the effortless chicness of denim jackets.

Heavily Distressed

If you want to flaunt a grunge-inspired statement with a contemporary casual and carefree vibe, pair up your denim jacket with heavily ripped denim jeans and graphic tee outfit. This is an insanely chic and perfectly laid-back outfit to flaunt at the mall with your girls or a casual round of drinks at the local pub.

Even on days when you just can’t bear the thought of putting in any styling efforts whatsoever, this is the ultimate outfit to make you look like a carefree goddess and effortless stunner.

Pencil Sleek


Pencil skirts are a blessing for curvy woman who likes to play up their curves with a sassy attitude, and if you want to strike all the right chords of work-mode glam, pair them up with an edgy graphic denim jacket.

A denim jacket will give your otherwise serious and sharp pencil skirt outfit an air of contemporary chicness, highlighting your feminine softness with a subtle edginess. This is a great styling trick that you can also work up with your sequined pencil skirts on club nights and festivities.

Minimalist White

Angelic white provides the perfect neutral base to play up the rugged edginess of denim, and create a timelessly voguish statement that is effortlessly svelte. Be it a white dress, a chiffon blouse, a basic white tee, or even a silky white slip dress, pairing it up with a blue or black denim jacket will give your look a retro-inspired glam. Just be sure not to go overboard and pair up no more than white staple.

Black & White

Black and white stripes are a timeless and ageless fashion secret that will simply never stop reigning over the fashion radar with its unprecedented chicness. Stripes are a definite must-have to create a minimalist wardrobe, and pairing them with denim jackets create an insanely chic effect.

This is a statement that you can flaunt on the streets, or even break away the monotony of power dressing at work. Flaunt your denim jackets with striped skirts, Breton tees, dresses, jumpsuits-basically everything. It’s the ultimate styling trick to give your basic everyday looks an irresistible Parisian chicness.

Experiment with Midi Skirts

Mid-length skirts look insanely voguish and they can give your outfit an Audrey Hepburn-like chicness with their minimal flare. If you want to give your outfit a retro-bohemian charm, it simply doesn’t get better then pairing up your graphic denim jacket with a lovely midi skirt.

The trick is to go heavy on the prints and pick out energetic color palettes that cast a refreshing vibe. Think pastels, think red, white, sunny yellow, bottle greens, and other scintillating hues. But if you’re picking out a darkly printed skirt, be sure to pair it up with a simple top to keep the outfit from being overcrowded.

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Written by Lara Kroft