I Noticed That Children Learn Better Than Adults, Here’s Why

I know it has always been a dilemma as to who can learn faster and better, children or adults, the former’s probability is far more than the latter though. I found out there are many tasks that children prove to be quicker at than adults, in fact not just quicker but they even perform it better than them.

Here’s what facts state

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I used to think why are parents always asked to make their children learn and get them exposed to all sorts of activities while they are young? I realized that this is because these children are raw enough to absorb new activities and patterns much quicker and easier than any adult can.

It might sound very strange to some people but it is true, babies are born with 100 billion brain cells, which is the same as what humans have throughout their life. By the age of two, part of the brain that is associated with memory and learning, starts to grow, indicating faster learning.

The Prefrontal Cortex

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I know the term sounds horrifying but it isn’t that difficult to understand. I did my fair share of research to look into this matter and figure out how this phenomenon works. This was the word I came across, through a further insight I learnt that this part of the brain is where memory is stored, it’s that simple.

The more the prefrontal cortex is developed, the less likely it is for the person to be flexible. This explains why children are quicker because in adults it is obviously much more developed than in children. Due to this, adults experience functional fixedness, limiting their ability to think creatively.

I have usually noticed that children absorb everything that is going on around them, it is because their brain exhibits more plasticity, while adults due to their maturity and understanding absorb only what they think is right.

Learning Sports

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Coming across the fact that sports plays such an essential role in any human beings’ life, got me thinking if it would apply to this comparison between adults and children, and how true is this difference of pace in learning. Well, according to me the difference is quite a lot.

If children and adults are given the chance to learn a certain kind of sports, the children will without a doubt win and learn way faster. My thought was proved with the fact that children, having flexibility in their nature, are quick to adapt to new things and patterns.

For example, if children and adults are given a football, the adults will see it as just a football but the children because of their creative nature and curiosity will see it in many more ways. This excites them and makes them learn if faster.

Learning Languages

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I know that adults already have their brains packed with tons of knowledge which they have gained in life, thus to feed new information in it takes time. Children, on the other hand, are fresh and open to new sounds and patterns. This clarifies where the difference comes in from.

I have seen these young learners quickly getting adapted to new changes hence they learn accents of different languages much faster than adults. Children are always good at mimicking almost everything, this makes them mimic the accents of different languages as it is, showing better pace than adults.

Us adults get used to our own accents so much that it becomes difficult for us to not speak in that manner. Our accents are literally like on autopilot for us, which is why I think it is tough to completely pick up a new accent, let alone a whole language.

Learning Music

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Let’s talk about music now! It is actually a myth that children learn music faster than adults but according to me it is true to some extent. When thinking of children and their routine activities, there isn’t much that keeps them busy, which helps them to focus better.

While learning music or anything new, we always get overloaded with tons of information at once, for all this we need to pay it it’s due time and focus. Instead adults have thousands of other errands to run hence lacking focus.

I noticed that this is why children have a certain advantage over adults in learning music faster. It’s time that is on their side basically leaving the adults aside. Also, because of more knowledge adults try playing each music piece with perfection while children just play and learn for fun, which saves time.

All these are the theories and reasons I noticed when comparing who was better at learning, children or adults, clearly children having new and fresh minds win hands down!


What do you think?