Hunting Truth: Is technology creating more jobs than it’s destroying?

There is an age-old perception about technology that the more we rely on it, the more it disrupts our lifestyle. No doubt, there are many negative effects that excessive use of technology generally has on our lives. However, at one point we can say that there was some confusion related to technology and job sector. To get rid all those confusions and misconceptions, here is a video that shows you how technology is improving job market in developing countries

We know that a computer can carry out processing work of 100 men at a time but it doesn’t mean that it is making them all jobless. People rely on technology because of the accuracy and the ease it offers them. However, it has to be understood that this technology is also managed by mankind which means creation of a new kind of jobs.

Creation of different kinds of jobs

Yes, it is happening today right around us. People are finding jobs in the field they have never imagined in their life. Whenever a new technology is applicated in any particular field, it brings with it the pros and cons. So, keeping in view the intelligence of a human brain, workers are trained specifically to take care of that particular machinery while preventing it from malfunctioning.

This is just one general example (not specific to any field) and there are countless other examples belong to the field of internet and technology. So, if a technology leaves two people unemployed, it creates 20 employment opportunities in return (again these figures are just to give an example of how technology is affecting the job sector).

Does the right use of skill-set make a difference?

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It is also that people are aware or getting themselves equipped with the desired skill-set to compete and make their career in this fast-growing world. Once they get trained and have got the skills to tackle with the day-to-day tasks of the job that is going to be assigned to them, they eventually get the job. In today’s world, the fields in the job market are not limited, instead with each passing day their numbers are multiplying.

There’s a job for everyone!

So, whether you are a bookworm kind of a person or a technical guy, there must definitely be a position for you in the world of technology. All you have to do is to have a keen eye on the ever-changing trends in this digital age. From ever-changing trends, we mean introduction of a new technology and its applications in any particular field.

By knowing all this you could have a good idea of how to polish your skills to become a better candidate among others to take care or oversee the overall procedure and operations of that particular new technology.

Smarter candidates

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Gone are the days when people used to show their impressive resumes to the employers to get selected. The field of technology has literally turned the world upside down around us in a matter of decades not centuries. Now, with the presence of numerous websites and social platforms where prospective employers and candidates not only communicate directly but can also get to see each other’s work. It can be done in a lot of ways like exchanging files or samples and also with the help of multiple platforms available on the internet where a person can portray his/her work interactively.

This type of advancement is not less than a miracle and it is all possible because of the presence of technology in our life and no doubt, it is bearing fruits for most of us. So, it is not absolutely right to say that technology is causing unemployment to grow because we know in reality it is doing vice versa.

Remote employment opportunities

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If we go back in time only a few decades, so this whole aspect of remote working or being a remote employee seems impossible but it is happening now. A lot of people around the world are taking benefit of this amazing feature that technology has brought to the world of employment. It is both feasible for employer and the employee.

All of this has become possible because of the presence of cloud storage and multiple mediums with the help of which meetings are conducted among the people working as a team even if they are living in entirely different region of the world. Internet and advance technology such as smart phones help them stay connected whenever and wherever they want.

It is this thing that prevents delay in the execution of work, increasing the value of that particular employee or his designation in front of the higher management. So, if you are smart enough and know the art of using technology as per the current trends than you are surely a successful being of this technological era.


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