How to Personalize Your iPhone

Did you know there are many different ways to customize your iPhone to make it match your style and suit your preferences? From software to hardware, there are tons of amazing things you can do with your device and you’ll probably never get bored with it. 

If you haven’t been following the tech updates lately, then this article is going to give you all the information you need to know on how to personalize your iPhone, so make sure to read it till the end.

Customize Your iPhone’s User Interface

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The user interface of your iPhone is now more customizable than ever, thanks to the iOS 14 software updates and its following versions. New widgets and shortcuts can be easily added and removed according to your convenience. 

iOS 14 has also introduced the app drawer functionality, which is called “App Library” by Apple. Here you can easily find all your apps in the form of a list in alphabetical order. You can also search for a specific app by using the search bar on the top of the screen. You can even add more home screens or disable them if they are not useful by long pressing on one of the home screens.

Turn on the Dark Mode 

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It’s like a difference of night and day and it all depends on your preference. Activating dark mode is one of the best tips on how to personalize your iPhone, especially if you are a fan of dark themes and user interfaces. The dark mode functionality was first introduced in iOS 13

Since the background of most of the built-in apps is pitch black or greyish black, iPhone automatically optimizes the color of the fonts to white for better readability. Well, that’s not all. The pre-installed wallpapers on your iPhone are also programmed to adjust between the two modes. They appear with light shades when you switch to light mode and convert into dark-themed backgrounds when you choose the dark mode. 

Customize Your iPhone with Widgets and Shortcuts 

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iOS 14 has brought a whole new line of widgets that have made the life of an iPhone user more convenient than ever before. You get a lot to choose from in the widget section on your iPhone. 

You can have a dedicated widget for the clock, weather updates, calendar, maps, podcasts, and a lot of other apps that are installed on your phone supporting iOS widgets. No doubt, iOS is way behind Android in customization but it always tries to provide a solid and smooth experience to its users. 

Another new and exciting feature in iOS 14 is that you can now add different shortcuts. Shortcuts allow you to listen to your favorite podcast, call a friend or even text one of your classmates with us just a single tap. You can choose among a large number of options for the customization of shortcuts according to your convenience. 

In fact, you can now also customize the app icons using the shortcut menu. Here’s a quick video on YouTube that guides you through the process of changing the appearance of your app icons using shortcuts. Customization with widgets and shortcuts is a lot of fun in iOS 14. We expect an even better and more convenient experience on the upcoming iOS 15.

Change Your Default Apps

It is definitely not a new feature. Android users have been changing their default apps for ages. However, to an iPhone user, it is something new, something that is making their experience more enjoyable with their devices. 

It is easy to change your default apps on your iPhone. Simply open the Settings app and tap on your desired app like a third-party browser or an email app. On your screen, you’ll be able to see the “Default App setting”. Simply select the app from the given list that you want to use as your default app. It is easy, isn’t it?

Try to Set a New Wallpaper

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There is a default wallpaper that comes with every new iPhone or iOS update but you can always get it changed to customize your iPhone. Your chosen wallpaper appears on your Lock Screen and all the Home Screens you’ve set on your iPhone and even in the background of your App Gallery and Widget. 

Changing the wallpaper on an iPhone is like getting a new theme. It changes the entire look of your phone’s UI, making it appear more customized according to your taste. If you want to change your wallpaper, you can simply go to your iPhone’s settings, click on the “wallpaper” option, pick your desired wallpaper either from the default options or from your photo gallery.

You can even have two separate wallpapers for your Lock Screen and Home Screen by changing them individually from your iPhone’s settings app. Popular apps like ZEDGE are available on the App Store from where you can download free wallpapers for your iPhone. 

Get a New Case for Your iPhone

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To protect your phone, you may need a new case. However, nowadays, phone cases have evolved a lot and are available in a variety of designs, waiting to give a brand new look to your phones. Also, despite getting tougher, these phone cases are getting lighter instead of becoming heavier, thanks to the advanced technology used in materials these days. 

So, if you are looking for some of the best tips on how to personalize your iPhone, then you should definitely get a new case for your phone. You’ll be amazed to see the large variety of iPhone covers and cases that are available online these days. Customization of the Apple iPhone is now more fun than ever before. You can even get a new customized iPhone cover for a public holiday or other types of national occasion. 

This brings us to the end of our detailed article on the most useful tips on how to personalize your iPhone. We hope the information we have shared above will help you to give your device a more customized look. 

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Written by Spencer K