How to Make Your Home Eco-friendly

As responsible citizens of the society we live in, it should be our prime responsibility to adopt as many eco-friendly habits as we possibly can. We know the situation of climate change and global warming is getting worse year after year. A lot of damage has already been done to the planet Earth. 

Sea levels are rising, glaciers are melting, and weather patterns are changing, triggers some of the strongest storms that mankind has ever witnessed. Take a look at our homes and the way we live. We are wasting a lot of useful resources, which can be easily conserved. 

But how?

Well, the best thing to do in this regard is to revamp your living space to make it more energy-efficient. So, if you are looking for some guidance to increase the energy efficiency of your home, then this article is meant to help you. Here we are going to list down some of the most useful tips on how to make your home eco-friendly.

Change Your Living Space Layout

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If you can, the first thing you should do is to change your home layout. Having an abode with an open floor plan is considered a more energy-efficient option than homes with broken plans.

Open plans allow more light in your space. With fewer walls and partitions, it can spread around every corner of your home, decreasing your dependency on artificial lights during the daytime. If the weather is pleasant and windy, you may not even need air-conditioning systems. By simply opening the windows you can naturally make your home feel more ventilated. 

Key Takeaway: Changing your layout plan from broken to open will also make your small living space feel roomier.

Get Your Home Insulated

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If you live in a region with extreme weather conditions, you would naturally feel uncomfortable in your living space unless you turn on your air conditioning systems. 

For instance, if you live in a region that normally experiences high temperatures during the daytime, then the unprotected walls of your home could easily trap heat. This could make your home feel hotter than the actual temperature. In such a situation, the phenomenon of home insulation comes in handy. 

Home insulation is one of the most effective ways to make your home eco-friendly. There are many different types of home insulation materials available that can be coated on the outer walls as well as the roof of your home to maintain temperatures indoor.

It also brings down your dependency on air conditioning systems, making your homes feel naturally warmer or cooler, depending on your local weather conditions.

Install Glass in Your Interior

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Looking for some of the best tips on how to make your home eco-friendly? If yes, then you should consider making glass an important part of your home interior. Nowadays, the trend of glass doors has become very popular. These are equipped with floor-to-ceiling glass panels that allow more light into your home.

You can also use less energy at night if you have installed glass in your home interior as glass is a transparent material, allowing light to pass through it. This means with the help of minimum lighting you can easily light up maximum parts of your home. 

Key Takeaway: The biggest plus point of installing glass is that it would automatically uplift the look of your living space along with making your home energy-efficient.

Rework Your Lighting Arrangements

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If you have old lighting fixtures around your home, then you can replace them with new ones. The ones that support LED bulbs. According to a study, LED bulbs are 75% more energy-efficient than conventionally used incandescent lighting.

Make sure when you install a light in a particular part of your home, angle it correctly to allow it to light up as much area as possible. You can also consider installing solar-powered that can be used for both indoor and outdoor lighting purposes. You can search for these lights on the internet. They are available in a wide variety these days.

Bring Home Smart Appliances

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Technology is getting smarter day by day and we are just at the tip of the iceberg as there is a lot more to come. Now, we have smart technology everywhere around us, helping us to reduce our carbon footprint. 

If you are working on tips on how to make your home energy-efficient, then consider replacing your normal home appliances with smart appliances. The appliances of today’s world are based on advanced systems powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) that are smart enough to control energy consumption. 

These appliances are not only good for the environment but will also help you to keep your electricity bill low. Other than appliances, you should also consider installing devices like smart bulbs, smart blinds, and smart switches in your home. They can maximize the use of available energy resources and help you save some electricity units.

Conserve Water As Much As You Can

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Water is an extremely valuable natural resource, which should be used with extreme care. Unfortunately, most of the households in today’s world waste a large amount of water on a regular basis without knowing about the harmful effects of water wastage.

So, if you really want to make your home eco-friendly, you need to seriously think and work on water conservation tips. There are many different ways that can help you save water from getting wasted in our toilets and kitchen.

You can go from installing dual flush systems in your toilets and use either of them as per your needs. Also, make sure that you have installed good-quality faucets that are not causing any types of water leaks. Make sure all of the plumbing pipes in your home are intact and try to get them regularly checked.

There you have it — a detailed guide on how to make your home eco-friendly and energy-efficient. We hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you find it useful, please share it with your friends and family. 

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