How to Know You’ve Found the One: 11 Signs to Look For

The journey from dating to the ‘official relationship’ phase is often very tricky because you know it would impact you in different ways — mentally, socially, and most importantly, emotionally. You may keep asking yourself, is that person really the one you want to establish a long-term relationship with? Well, it is better not to rush your decision when choosing a life partner. 

So, how to know you’ve found the one? According to many psychologists, particularly, in this sensitive matter, you should not only rely on your gut feelings but also look for specific signs — which are basically the indicators telling you to take your relationship to the next level. Here are some of the most obvious signs that would make you realize that you’ve finally met someone with whom you want to spend the rest of your life.

Your Pronouns Change

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It is natural for humans to establish a strong emotional connection with another person. This is when things start to change. According to a survey conducted by psychologists, if you are mentally and emotionally connected with someone, especially your partners, you’re more likely to use pronouns like “we” or “us”, solidifying your status as a couple. 

You Happily Sacrifice

Your relationship will change the way you see things in life. You’ll be willing to make more compromises and sacrifices than ever before — without even complaining.

Sacrificing is widely believed as a testament to a true relationship that often results in long-term happiness, emotional and social viability between partners.

You’re in Sync

This is another very major sign you should look for to know you’ve met the one. When you have a special connection with someone, it is natural for you to sync your mind and body with them. 

Science says that some couples get so involved with each other that even their brains synchronize — begin to think and judge in a similar way. 

They’re Someone You Can Trust 100%

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A relationship without trust is empty. So, know if you’re trusting someone 100%, there is something special about them and it is a sign that they may be the one you’re looking for. 

When the trust factor is there, you and your partner will likely be treating each other with more respect, making significant progress in your relationship, and developing a bond that is even stronger and deeper.

You’ll Be Able to Acknowledge and Tolerate Their Flaws

Acceptance and tolerance are also indicators for you to know you’ve found the one. Yes, it is probably one of the biggest signs to realize that the person you have developed a connection with is really special. When acceptance comes into play, all the negativity falls away. 

You accept the way your partner is and they do the same. True life partners don’t want each other to change — in fact — this is something integral that keeps a relationship going, strengthening its foundations. 

You Won’t Feel the Pressure to Be Perfect 24/7

This is something natural. You want to be the best version of yourself when you want to impress someone. However, in a genuine relationship, it is usually quite the opposite.

Since you’ll be trusting your partner 100%, you won’t feel the pressure to look or behave perfectly all the time. This also means your partner won’t get offended for you being a little off on a particular occasion because they’ll know you have your reasons. 

They Will Take a Genuine Interest in Your Life

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If you mean a lot to someone, they will start to take a genuine interest in your life. This sign clearly indicates that you’ve met the right person and you shouldn’t let go of them. 

They would want to learn more about your background, family, and friends. They’ll even be interested to know about your childhood, hobbies, career, and even the pettiest of things and situations that you tackle within your daily life. 

They Will Share a Similar Vision of Your Future

Since you’ll be in a long-term relationship, your true life partner will be comfortable in sharing the same vision of your life in years to come. You’ll be discussing your future home, your life after marriage, your travel plans, and most importantly, the upbringing of your kids. Both of you need to be on the same page to make sure that your relationship results in long-term happiness — and you live happily ever after. 

You’re Comfortable Being Vulnerable Around Them

This is a very important sign you should look for if you are in a relationship with someone. In most cases, it has been observed that people (especially men) build an emotional wall to keep their feelings to them. They would only open up to someone they really trust, usually someone special in their life. A true lifetime partner will always be there for you — and completely trust you to confide in you and come to you whenever they need support or help with any matter. 

You Are Their First Priority

It is another very prominent sign to know you’ve found the right one. Your life partner will be actively engaged with you in your day-to-day routine. If they are giving you special importance and making you feel that you’re their first priority, this means that the person is here to stay and you should also hold on to them. 

On the other hand, things often don’t end well in a relationship where partners need to beg for each other’s attention and if you’re facing such a situation, it would be better to part ways rather than prolonging matters. 

You Handle Conflict Well

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Coming across the right person in your life would naturally create instant chemistry between the two of you. However, maintaining it in your relationship is totally up to you. It is all because of that spark of the bond between two people that keep them from drifting away from each other and allow them to stay on the same page even if they are having a fight. They’ll always be able to handle a conflict well. 

So, how to know you’ve found the one? Well, now you should be aware of some very prominent signs, indications, and a change of habits that make you realize you’re with the right person. We also wish you all the very best with your hunt to find an understanding, loving, and caring life partner. 


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