How To Be Productive During Quarantine

Life during the quarantine period may seem bleak and dull, but as the all-wise Albus Dumbledore said: “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, only if one remembers to turn on the light.” Now we may not have a deluminator with us, but we sure can distract ourselves from the boring routine and engage in activities that bring us joy. After all, “Happiness inspires productivity.” How to be productive during quarantine is a question we’ve all asked ourselves at least once since the whole COVID situation struck. Today we’ll share a few tips that helped our friends and family to transform their dull and monotonous quarantine into productive and fruitful ones.

Read a Book

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Remember that book which your best friend recommended but you never had time to give it a read? Well, now is the time. Quarantine is the best time to do all those things that you’ve been shelving for months. So, grab your comfy blankets, spread your legs on a couch in front of the window, sip some hot chocolate and travel the world through books.

Start a Journal

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Writing is a proven form of self-therapy. Studies and personal experiences show that penning down your thoughts aid in getting perspective. It helps to clear those clouds of confusion that muddle your judgement and enables you to see the bigger picture. You can keep a personal journal or make a public blog depending on whatever suits your taste. Publicly voicing your opinions and writing about your experiences may appear to be making you vulnerable but if you flip the coin you’ll realize that someone out there might also be going through the exact same thing as you and reading your blog might help them cope. Now that would be a productive thing to do right?

Learn a New Skill

Still confused about how to be productive during quarantine? Well try learning a new skill and guess what? It doesn’t always require special equipment, trainer and setting. A new skill can be learned from a loved one (maybe your grandmother knows how to knit or your father knows how to repair motorbikes) or it can be self-learned (maybe via the internet- Youtube is your best friend). Facebook pages that promote DIY art and skills can also help you explore new interests like soap and candle making or table setting etc.

Explore New Hobbies

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Start a new hobby, rekindle an old one or join in while your partner or kid enjoys their hobby. Learning something new is always fun but doing it with loved ones will bring in even more laughter and memories. Help your kid in finishing the painting he started or challenge your partner to a duel in his favourite video game or try your hand at cooking/baking. Cooking together is always fun and it takes off the burden from just one person’s shoulders.

Stay Healthy

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Meditate, exercise and try eating healthy for a change. With the danger of Covid-19 still lurking over our heads, lets put a full stop to junk food and ready to cook meals. Meditation will help you enhance your concentration, to ponder about the realities and be grateful for all that we have. Exercising on the other hand will break the sedentary lifestyles patterns and burn some extra calories.

Enroll in a Free Course

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With e-learning being the new way of academics, enrolling in an online course won’t be that difficult. Many renowned universities and online learning platforms are now offering interesting courses which will enable you to not only learn about contemporary or traditional topics and make new friends (virtually), but also spend your time in a productive manner. If topics don’t interest you then try learning a new language via proper courses or professional learning apps like Duo Lingo.

Create a Routine

As interesting as the prospect of not following a routine might be, it gets boring and dull after a while. So once you’re over that initial phase, try making and following a proper routine. Divide your day into academics, work hours and family time. Having a decorum enhances one’s productivity manifold. Maybe even dress up accordingly like put on a formal attire while working on an office project or attending a conference as it might help you get in the element.

Keep in Touch With Friends and Family

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And last but not the least, quench your thirst of how to be productive during quarantine by catching up with loved ones. Get in touch with long lost friends or ring up a cousin you haven’t talked to in a while. Video call your grandparents and include your children too. It will not only make your relatives happy but also instill in them firm family values and teach them the importance of love and compassion.


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