How can I be a minimalist? A 30 day challenge that I failed at

I recently participated in a 30 day minimalism challenge. The goal of the challenge was to help me eliminate the things I don’t need.

I know what you’re thinking. Most people think that it is easy to eliminate the things that you do not need but when it comes to actually getting rid of things that are not in use, it becomes almost impossible to do so.

In case if you do not know what minimalism is or are new to the idea, I recommend watching the movie “the minimalists“. In a nutshell, the concept behind minimalism is “less is more“. There are numerous blogs and techniques that one can apply to reduce the extra clutter.

I found a 30 day challenge online, and you are about to see my journey along with the challenges. I would love to see your journey as well and get your thoughts on mine.


What do you think?