How the Influence Of Television Can Severely Affect Your Child

The massive usage of Television is growing day by day. As the technological advancements are blooming, its vigorously ending the worth of outdoor physical activities and games that are making children obsessed with Television shows.

The more the usage, the more it can severely affect your child’s physical and mental health. Sitting for a straight couple of hours in front of a television can extremely make your child lose the health that he possesses.

The way children are grasping information and unnecessary content through the use of Television scares me, asit can affect the future of our children and upcoming generations. However, I’ve noticed how badly it can bring changes to your child’s life.

Parents are becoming busier day by day in their social and professional life. Their irresponsible behavior is affecting their child’s health which can bring about huge changes in their child’s personality. I’ve listed a few points on how I believe the influence of Television can create problems for your child. 

Social life

Source: Total life counseling

The excessive use of TV, watching shows or cartoons can automatically cut him/her off from their social life. This is a huge drawback for your child’s grooming personality as their social life plays an important role in their personality development.  

The more friends your child makes, the more he/she can learn, grasp knowledge and can eradicate all the fears of surviving in a social setting. Specifically, Sitting all the time in front of a Television can make him/her lose all the interest in creating new friendships and gain new experiences.

Aggressive behavior

Source: professor’s house

There is all sort of content telecasted on your Television sets. Your child can promptly grasp everything that is show cast on your Television sets. This means that they can even get attracted to the violence that is shown in programs.

These negative series or violence-based shows can automatically make your child adopt all such activities and it can lead him to performing any such dangerous tasks that he/she might think they are doing it just for the sake of playing.

I’ve read about a lot of children who try to commit acts which harm them such as jumping off a building or stabbing themselves as they just saw a particular clip on their Television which made them think this is just a game!

Adult content

Source: Enter the bible

As our Television world is full of tremendous amount of content, there is also adult content available at all times. Children, when skimming through the channels,can go through such shows which portray content that is not appropriate for them at all!

This severely affects how a child perceives relationships and then tends to asking appropriate questions in public which embarrasses their parents.  I’ve seen this happening a lot and the advice to keep a strict check on the content that is being viewed by your child should be implemented.

Nutrition and obesity 

Source: Healthline

This obsession of watching Television for hours can kill your children’s diet. Especially, Their diet can be affected critically as your child focuses more on what’s happening in the show rather than going for his supper.    

This leads to a lack of healthy diet and makes your child feel lazy and he/she might lack nutrition. The opposite can also take place as when your child gets indulged in watching Television shows every day, it can especially lead him/her to eat more than their diet!

This means that your child can get affected by obesity, as watching and eating together lying like a couched potato can definitely bring in a lot of fat on their body. No wonder why children can get so fat and obese these days. However, You know how!

Tobacco and alcohol abuse

Source: IOGT International

I believe it is not a child’s mistake if they are trying to commit activities such as tobacco and alcohol usage as they learn from what they see. A lot of content is present on the internet and telecasted on your Television sets which show such activities happening.

I’ve seen children getting attracted towards such activities and asking their friends what is it and how to use this. To parents, this might seem a small thing to consider, but in the end, it’s how tv affects your child’s perception and how they might try to consider doing these activities in the future.

I believe it is the responsibility of the parents to keep a check on what their children a reviewing. Especially, They need to keep this as a habit to make sure and put positive parental guidance checks on their Television sets to make sure their child’s personality and health is maintained.


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