How Much Food Am I Wasting? The Shocking Truth!

This isn’t a stumbling block that has just come to light but has rather been a concerning matter for every country to take major steps towards. Even though there are many organizations that I know are working towards this but no significant change has been noticed in the monstrous amounts being wasted.

Changes we need to make!

I would first want to focus on the individual approach rather than a holistic or a global one. I have even found my own self carrying out this miserable act of wasting food, which made me realize that we have to change ourselves first, and then aim on bringing this change on a bigger platform.

Approximately one third of the total food produced in the world goes to waste and if this isn’t alarming for anyone to hear then I don’t know what is. These are a few steps that we as individuals can take to contribute to this change.

Shop accordingly

Young woman buying vegetables on the market

I know, that all of us find it much more convenient and cost effective to buy food and groceries in bulk but that’s the prime factor of food wastage in the world. This way we always end up having more food than it is actually required. Agree with it, we never consume all of it.

I have now started to go to grocery shopping twice as much as I used to but the satisfaction of not wasting food is such a contentment. Especially, I buy the amount I am sure I would be able to consume before it goes bad and thus no wastage. I recommend you all to do the same.

Correct storage of food

Once the food is bought, next essential step has to be storing it rightly. Massive amount of food is again wasted because people usually don’t know that there are ways to store each kind of food separately and in a certain manner. I learnt these ways only to realize how effective they can actually be.

Food spoilage was the biggest cause I came across that led to food getting wasted just like that. Storing fruits and vegetables in the wrong manner leads to premature ripening and hence rotting. Potatoes, garlic, cucumber, tomatoes and onions should not be refrigerated instead left at room temperature.

Freezer being the new favorite

Preserving food is like an added advantage because I know that things I can preserve would not go to waste. Plus, there are numerous foods that we can preserve, for example fruits, vegetables that can’t be used in salads, can be preserved in freezer bags and later used in making smoothies.

All the herbs, olive oil, bread, grated lemon, chopped garlic and many more can be kept in the freezer for later use in dishes when cooked. Meals like soup, that are in bulk, can also be frozen ensuring that they will be safe and fresh to eat whenever next you take them out.

Focus on expiration dates

I have come across so many food items being thrown away, just because their expiration dates have passed, I myself have done this frequently. Even though people need to know, which I also got to know later, that nowhere in the world are these expiration dates regulated in a proper manner.

There is no certain procedure of deducing a particular date for a particular food item and thus companies tend to determine it on their own. I have often come across food items to be safe to eat even after their expiration date has passed. This is one more way of not wasting food.

Avoid disposing leftovers

Not a very unusual act for all of us, I know it is every household’s routine to save large amounts of food leftovers, simply by stacking it in the fridge. This is where we are right, but what goes wrong is when this stacking is continuous and none of the leftover gets used again, that is wastage!

I have experimented and realized that storing the leftovers in glass containers, makes it helpful to remember what you have and how can it be used, without it going to waste. I make sure that even though I cook on a daily basis, these leftovers somehow should come into use, to avoid wastage.

Don’t waste the skin

Remember peeling off the skins of vegetables and fruits? Yeah, this is again contributing to food wastage in an excessive manner. Skin of every fruit and vegetable isn’t just there to be peeled off instead it’s very much edible for each contains its own set of nutrients and benefits.

All the layers, be it potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, mangoes, kiwis and egg plants are all packed with nutrients that are beneficial and delicious.

All this wastage has to stop because we need to bring about this change first by and within our own habits, then only will we be able to save this worldwide crisis.


What do you think?