How Improving On My Communication Skills Paved My Path To Success

This world is full of tough challenges, loads of complications, and a judgmental society. It made my life miserable until I realized how important it is to say out loud. To work on my communication skills opened many doors to plenty of opportunities for me which brought me a never-ending victory.

Knowing how widely the world of digital marketing is spreading around, sadly, it has made people forget the importance of effective communication skills. It made me realize how important it is to spread your word without being rigid.

People should understand that if they will not communicate efficiently, it will let people assume many ambiguous thoughts about you. To let the world know who you are and what powers you possess, communication is the key.

These minute mistakes that people make tend to create a lot of problems for them in the future. I took the right steps, at the right time and this is how I advise you all to follow these steps, in order to make your future brighter than before.

Don’t multitask!

Source: The CEO magazine

One of the best exercises is to make a strong connection with the person/s that you’re communicating with. Keeping your attention restricted to one mind or a group of people works the best as it improves your focusing power!

Whenever I tried to focus on communicating effectively, I let go all of my other tasks such as I stopped emailing, ignored my texting phase and solely focused on the communication. It made me realize that I have no undivided attention towards the person talking to me.

Body language matters

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Your body language is a very important aspect as it shows how you carry yourself. If you’re carrying out a presentation or an online video conversation, make sure that you stay confident in what you say and how you take the conversation forward.

In my university presentations, I realized that people assume I am nervous and I lack knowledge just because I used to fold my arms while presenting. I did not have an open body language; hence it made a wrong impression regarding my personality.

It is very important to make sure that you keep a strong eye contact with the audience as it improves your communication skills. It also makes sure that you are connected with the audience and the other person knows that you are paying attention.

Follow the brief and specific path

Source: Briefbox

I am the kind of person who used to bring about many different things to the table and always ended up with a cluttered conversation. The safest play to carry effective communication is to keep things to the point and follow a specific path.

The more you keep things specific, whether it’s a live presentation or drafting an email, the lesser confusion you will create for yourself especially if you keep practicing the way I did to make my communication power strong and fluent.

It is a major point to keep you up to date and talk in a way that you provide vital information.

Avoid the use of visual aids

Source: XXIIbrands

My instructors in our university tend to follow the old school theories of telling students to make use of the PowerPoint presentations. I believe this tool was the biggest hindrance in making my communication skills efficient.

The owner of one of the most famous and renowned companies “Apple” CEO Steve Jobs banned all PowerPoint presentations. I totally agree with this decision as using PowerPoint tends to make you lose your focus and diverts your mind.

You should be prepared with strong storytelling and points that are related to your scenario. The day I stopped using visual aids was the day when I got my hands on communicating effectively as I solely concentrated on my words rather than my sight.

Ask for an honest feedback

Source: Ghana talks business

Most people don’t believe in taking feedbacks as they assume they might be criticized for their work. I totally disagree with this, as the more feedback you receive from your audience, the better communicator you become.

Honest feedback can do wonders to your communication game as you get to take feedback from your listeners such as teachers, peers, managers, members etc. Their opinions will make you a critical listener and that’ll automatically make you an effective communicator.

The more feedback you receive, the more you get to learn and make use of the advises and discover areas for improvement. I suggest you all to critically concentrate on the feedback as they can make you learn a lot.

I conclude that in order to make your communication effectual, make use of these small exercises that I’ve listed above. They’ve worked positively for me, in order to make yourself stand out and survive in this world full of competitive entities, learn to transmit strong.

What do you think?

Written by Openiun