How I Travel On A Budget – My Personal Life Hacks

One of the most exciting activities is to travel around the world. You get the option to see the whole world and experience the scenic beauty of this planet. Isn’t it amazing to know the hacks of traveling on a budget? It has helped me a lot for my getaways!

There’s no harm in travelling on a budget as it lets you enjoy so many things and places keeping in mind the money constraints. The fact is that everybody wants to enjoy long fun-filling adventures and capture the best moments of the beautiful scenery and infrastructure.

I believe in wandering at different places but when it comes to my bank account, I’m broke. This doesn’t let me stop from living my dream adventures. I go around many places; call it travelling nationally or internationally, I love travelling with my short budget hacks!

I’ve enlisted a few hacks that make my traveling easy on the pocket. To see the beautiful sights of this incredible planet, I make use of my phenomenal tips & tricks that make it all easy for me to go around places with such an amazing budget plan!

Travel according to the season

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People around the world travel in peak seasons. They go for the end of the year or the months of June and July which are considered to be the period of summer vacations. These are the times when families and friends usually travel as they get their holiday offs in this period.

Avoid travelling in these seasons as there is a lot of air traffic and the air ticket fares are way too much than the ordinary. There’s no point in travelling and shopping at this time as even the price tags are blooming and it gets way too expensive to stay and shop.

Let hostels accommodate you

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Travelling can be easy but what about staying in the hotels? This is considered to be one of the heftiest things on the pocket expense as accommodation totally depends on how you want the room and where is it located.

I believe when you travel, it’s all about welcoming new experiences in your memory. Why worry and spend on expensive hotels when you can use that money for other purposes? You can go for many activities in the region that you’re travelling in.

The best solution for your accommodation is to stay in the hostels. They’re budget-friendly and can cost you very less than booking a proper hotel room. You can make a dozen of memories staying there and make your trip pocket-friendly.

Spend if it’s worth it

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Traveling can be more fun if you focus more on nature and great adventures rather than collecting or buying materialistic things. You will definitely end up wasting money and your escaping will be full of regrets!

Keep your mind healthy by getting amused with the exquisite natural beauty of this planet and make everlasting memories with the ones you love. Trust me, it made me happier and kept my pocket fatter!

Go for places where visa cost is low

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There are countries which are enriched with faultless beauty and way too exciting activities but when it comes to the visa cost, they’re way too costly. A wise decision would be to go for the places that offer a low visa cost.

There are many countries and islands who apply “FREE OF COST” visa policy for tourists. Such countries should be the topmost priority when it comes to saving and traveling on a budget. This will let you select the best option and will make for a perfect plan!

When you save a good amount by entering a country through cheap visa processes, it lets you spend a lot on other things that you might want to buy or experience in a new city! You might narrow down your options but never forget, you can get the exposure of many new places!

Be flexible on your plans

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In order for you to travel with a budget-friendly plan, do not follow your pre-plans! Yes, you heard it right. You have to be the most flexible when it comes to situations like these as low budget plans can bring in many emergency situations where you have to compromise!

Never follow the plan that was already decided. There can be any last minute changes and you have to deal with it. I remember I had this friend with me who was throwing tantrums and ended up with wasting a lot of money which could’ve been saved with a bit of compromise.

Learn to drop any last minute plans or switch to any new roadmap as you should be ready to expect anything when it comes to traveling on a budget. Go for the days where you can find the cheapest fares for your transport and book accordingly!


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