How I Stopped The Digital World From Destroying My Qualitative Human Interaction

I agree with this statement that the digital world does let people interact and connect them together, but its excessive usage has started making people lose the meaning of interacting physically.

I mean how worse can it get that you are reuniting with your college group and end up using your cell phones rather than communicating with each other? This incident led to me realizing how badly it can affect my life in the future if I don’t control my usage!

It seemed almost impossible to get through this phase as I had this intense relationship with my digital life! But, with a strong perception, I did achieve my goal! I’ve listed down a few exercises of how you can come back in the normal life and not let the digital world destroy your human interaction.

Less time


Whenever I was given a task; call it any household chore or something to fix, I promptly started saying NO to everything. Just because I was using my cell phone, I started losing my interest in almost every physical activity. I assumed that I was connected for such a less time but actually, it was the Time that was slipping off my hands!

This led to a huge distance between me and my mother. We stopped communicating as she was always busy in her chores and I, as usual on my phone. Build in this strong perception that whatever you do, it’s never too less! Try to record the hours that you’re connected to the digital world, and you’re good to go!

Cut down your hours

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This is the most effective one so far! You can always keep track of the hours that you’re using your social media platforms! By cutting down some hours, you can definitely take out plenty of time to get that reunion happening!

For me, this whole cut down of my social life wasn’t easy at all! So, I tried making a small timetable for my routine. I jot down some slots of when I will use my social media platforms. I even incorporated a few slots of my other physical activities that I’ll carry out in this time frame.

This whole timetable thing did wonders to my life. I started giving time to my family members, I was all active again in my Book Club, and last but not the least, I could feel lively and happy again!

Time to realize until it’s too late

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Life is not just about what’s happening in your smartphone, it’s more than that. There are many wonderful things happening all around the world and you’re just missing it all! Acceptance is a great tool and you should try to accept where you’re wrong before you lose everything.

Realizing what’s wrong is the first stage. When I decided what things need to be changed and where I’m wrong, the whole upcoming journey seemed smooth. Your mind needs a different perception, they say a new direction.

Look for opportunities

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Never say no to a friend for coffee or a late-night movie over a digital device that takes up a hefty number of hours of your life! The day when you start taking in new opportunities, get in for a sudden plan or a small-scale getaway, it changes everything!

It’s a great experience to choose and try different things, anything that takes you away from the digital world. It’s healthy for both your physical and mental health. If you think you’re obsessed with being online all the time, then it’s time to go for something productive.

You could always go for an online job opportunity, which can be fruitful for your career and takes you away from being active for no reason. I found my first job online which diverted my mind; I learned and experienced new things which could never be grasped with intense social media presence.

Know the purpose of the platform

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Lastly, whenever you’re online and you feel like it’s been too long but you just can’t leave your cell phone, that’s when you start procrastinating that what is the purpose of this platform and what are you doing here?

This perception helped me a lot. It made me slide off my phone and go on with my other assignments and activities because this aspect makes you realize how much time you’ve wasted!

Your personality grooms by the impact of meeting new people. You get to discover new experiences and this is how you learn and keep the physical human interaction alive. I’ve learned to never get too deeply attached to the digital world that it makes you forget the meaning of the real world.


What do you think?