How I Gave Up On Overthinking And How It Helped Me

Our mind is like a whole never-ending mystery which forces us to procrastinate over plenty of things! One of the most stressful journeys in life is to overthink situations which makes it difficult to understand how badly we are affecting our mental health.

There is no specific phase to overthinking. It can happen anytime, anyplace, anywhere! There’s no false alarm for it, it just comes with the different situations that life brings you, and the way you deal with it gives rise to overthinking.

Overthinking does not have to be specifically negative. I’ve seen people who are overthinking on things that are positive. So it doesn’t mean that it has to be all about negativity and drowning into the black hole, there’s a lot more than that.

I was suffering from overthinking, which led me to focus more and more on things that made me struggle to a point where it overcomplicated my life. I had no idea how to move on with this until I tried these tips that made me eradicate the problem of overthinking from my life!

Awareness is the key

Source: The logical indian

The moment you get to know the in-depth of overthinking, that is the day when you can make use of the awareness to exclude this habit from your life. You have plenty of options! Make use of the knowledge available on different mediums to know the pros and cons of overthinking.

When you will be fully aware of it, you can take the right decision at the right time. The moment you realize you’re in that deep black hole of overthinking and it stresses you out, step back and analyze where you’re going wrong and know how awareness helps you with your perception and response.

Stop thinking about the negatives

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The more you’re surrounded by the fear that distracts you, the more you can suffer from overthinking. Intense fear and the struggling mind can knot-up and complicate your situation even more than before.

Learn to outgrow your negatives and focus more on the good side of the story, rather than being sad about an affair. When we focus more on the negatives and fears, we make the situation worse, which could’ve been solved with a chunk of positive perception.

Whenever you feel that you’re going in the negative zone, stop, relax, and take a deep breath. Understand the worth of the situation and analyze accordingly because the ample amount of time that you’re investing in something that’s not even worth your attention is useless!

Make happiness your distraction

Source: MIT Sloan school of management

The more you distract yourself with the happy things in life, the more it will help you lose your focus towards the negativity. Try to incorporate your routine with a lot of healthy on-going activities that can make you all positive about life again!

I religiously followed the routine of doing Yoga, different exercises, stitching, painting, and last but not the least, DRAWING! To paint your feelings out on canvas is one of the best states of emotion. It can stop you from overanalyzing things and complicating them.

Nobody is perfect

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Give up on this analysis that you can be perfect. Nobody can. We are humans and we all will lack at some point. This is how we are grown and nurtured. To think that you have to be perfect is just like a disease, instead, try to be ambitious!

Build in strong goals and ambitions that you can do this. Whenever you feel like you’re drowning and that “overthinking” phase is just about to hit you, stop yourself and make yourself recall the goals and dreams you’ve been working on, and Voila, you can move on easily.

I gave up on being perfect; instead, I focused on the healthy pathway of progression that is taking place in my life. To aim for things that are unrealistic, toxic, and negative can be harmful to your mental health, and it eventually brings in the phase of analyzing situations a lot.

You can’t predict the future

Source: Greenbook blog

We are not given any rights by Mother Nature to predict the future so why waste time in thinking about it? The biggest problem of overthinking is that you tend to focus more on the future rather than what you have in the present.

Accept this fact that you cannot predict what life brings in for you so why waste time on it? Why surround yourself with the fear of what’s going to happen and what is not? The first step to happiness and to lock the overthinking phase is to know that the future is not in your hands. We need to learn that overthinking brings you no good and there’s no productivity if you think about it with the future. You can make everything worst and their might come a time when your overthinking will ignite many other mental health problems.  


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