How I Believe Education Should Be Free For Everyone

To get educated is one of the most precious things on earth, as knowledge provides you different pathways of life. It helps you grow and sustain your direction of life and aids you to make wise decisions.

This is a great tool for further pathways in life, and so I believe, Education should be free for everyone as it assists you throughout your journey. With the light of education, you can come out from the dark shadows of illiteracy.

Isn’t it going to be amazing if education would be provided for free to everybody? Not everyone can afford to pay for basic education, but if we get this opportunity, it can be of great advantage for the current and future generations!

I’ve seen a lot of people who strive hard to get hold of some basic knowledge but due to the huge expenses of their college fee, they step back and join the labor forces. Education is the basic right for every human being and I’ve listed a few points of how I think it should be free!

Survival of your academic career

Reasons why education should be free
Source: UiO

Education is the main reason which helps you build up your strong academic career. You get hold of rich knowledge, from different disciplines and it opens various designation options for you to select, which one you should go for!

If education gets free, imagine how many millions of individuals can make use of the rich knowledge that they’ll get and use it as a milestone for their career. They can get employed at different organizations making their future prospects stronger than before.

Unemployment rate reduced

Reducing Unemployment rate
Source: KOLO

The more people will get free education, the more they will get good jobs and it will automatically help reduce the unemployment rate. A lot of people are dependent on the government’s assistance and by getting good jobs; they won’t need any more assistance.

Firstly, free education will make people feel more motivated for grasping all the knowledge, and in future, this will boost them to apply for more jobs. This will make a country’s workforce stronger, which in turn will reduce the unemployment rate.

The government can invest in the other ventures and opportunities for young individuals, and wouldn’t have to invest a fortune in assisting the basic needs of the local people. So, in short, I believe, education is a great key for not only individuals, but it’s a success for all the organizations and government bodies!

Lower crime rate

Reducing crime rate
Source: Brennan center for justice

When a person has nothing to do, this is where their brain takes the wrong direction! A lot of people who are not given the basic right of education tend to be unemployed and this is where they select the wrong pathway!  

They get involved in criminal activities and this involves them in a big deep hole from where it gets difficult to come back! If they get free education, they can go for many employment opportunities, rather than choosing the easy but way more riskier way out!

People will try new ideas

New ideas - reasons why education should be free
Source: Management-issues

I’ve seen a lot of people who when getting hold of a degree, they use it for their entrepreneurship purposes. Yes, you heard it right! Many people apply the knowledge that they have undertaken, into a business idea that turns into a huge venture in the future.  

Not many people get the opportunities of going into a huge business; instead, they start up their own small home-based business. They can easily calculate the ups and downs of working for a small-scale setup, as they’ve learned that, through the education provided!

Education is just the beginning of the endless opportunities that can be tried by everyone! It can enlighten your career and even clicks in new ideas to your mind! So, education is not just about getting the knowledge, it can unleash new chances for you all!

Keeps your mental health stable

stables mental health
Source: Texas public radio

A lot of people in our society who aren’t employed or don’t get the basic right of education tend to get their mental health unstable as they get this feeling that they’re hopeless. Education is a key which keeps their mind boosted that no matter what they do, they can achieve everything!

Education keeps your mind up-to-date and always keeps your hopes high. Without education, there’s a lot of pressure of what one individual will do in life and then get involved in illegal and criminal activities. Knowledge makes sure that you choose the right options. It gives you the ability to take the right decisions and shows you a lot of positive guidelines. It makes your mind healthy and stable and makes sure you don’t mess up with your future.


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