Famous UFO Sightings from Around the World

Most of us have grown up watching TV shows like Star Trek and other Sci-fi movies where they show encounters with aliens and abduction of human beings by them. This is what has created a strong believe among people in general that the earth have been visited by these extraterrestrial creatures in different ages and times.

People do not only believe and talk about the little green man but they have got some evidence too in the form of photos or videos. Many types of research have been carried out at a private and public level related to these strange phenomena but so far nothing evident has been proven. Suspicion and skepticism keep on increasing due to the recurrence of these kinds of strange happenings,
especially when things remain unanswered.

UFO sighting has become an extremely popular and common thing. Call it vision unclarity, an error in the camera device or something flying in the sky that cannot be identified from distance; all of these things are mistaken for UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects), most commonly known as Flying Saucers. All these matters are full of doubts but out of our curiosity, we wanted to present you a list of famous UFO sightings reported from different regions of the world as most of them have made the headlines.

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Battle of Los Angeles

Amid all the tension and happenings of World War II, some really strange things were seen in the skies of Los Angeles. It caused military and other related institutions to take all the necessary precautions because it was presumed as enemy attack. The sky was lit with search lights and the air raid sirens echoed from the surroundings. An emergency situation was instated as blackout spread in every corner of the city in order to ensuring everyone’s safety. Unfortunately all of this chaos caused a few casualties leaving everyone in a confused and chaotic situation. Even news publications couldn’t give a rational explanation to what happened on that night. However, investigations were carried out later to know the actual reason behind all the bewilderment that caused life loss and damage to public property but the reports could not produce any satisfactory results, leaving everyone in the state of confusion.

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Roswell UFO Incident

Happened in 1947, Roswell incident is one of the most significant UFO sightings. William Brazel and his son were the first to see the unidentified flying object that was crashed in a large farm where they used to work. It all appeared as a cluster of strange debris spread across miles.  The authorities were informed about the whole incident and later on the site was taken over by military in order to recover the object that was crashed in that area.

Reports of witnessing a flying disc in the sky were rolling in at the same time and William Brazel who had accumulated most of the debris from the sight wondered if it was the same thing that others were talking about. At the end of the day, authorities dubbed that entire incident as ‘weather balloon crash’. However, controversies baffled everyone living in that area but nobody clearly knows till now as to what exactly happened on that day.

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UFO Sightings in England’s East Coast

It is widely known as the most famous UFO sighting incident in the history of UK and many people even call it the Britain version of Roswell incident. In the late 1980, it was reported by the two members of US Air Force that they have seen incredibly strange light falling from the sky in the area of RendleSham forest.  After hearing this report, the local policemen reached the sight in order to investigate the strange phenomenon that was reported but found nothing instead of a shiny beam of light that was coming from a nearby lighthouse. However, strange marks were found later on in the investigation carried out in the daylight. This isn’t the whole story as more strange lights in the sky were reported in the same area by the team that was investigating the site. To put an end to the curiosity among people they proclaimed that those were only the bright stars that were sighting and that the marks were by the wild animals found in the Rendlesham forest.

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Belgian UFO Wave

It all started in November 1989 and ended in April 1990. Beligian UFO Wave is the longest recorded series of UFO Sightings in the documented history of mankind. Unidentified flying objects of triangular shapes were reported by witnesses at multiple areas in the skies of Belgium by witnesses. A staggering number of 13,500 people have seen those weird things flying at a low height in the sky. The flying objects were pursued by the fast moving aircrafts but according to the statements made by the pilots of those fighter planes, the triangular shaped UFOs suddenly flew out of their range without leaving a single trace behind and that is how they lost track of them.

What do all of these sighting explain?

Controversies have always been there and many ufologists are still working on the small pieces just like jigsaw puzzles to get a bigger and clearer picture to what is the actuality behind all these incidents, happenings and sightings. Many people from around the world have also been reporting about crop circle formation on their far fields from years. While others have been filming and taking pictures of the strange objects that appear in the sky out of nowhere.

Information and news regarding flying saucers and UFOs have always excited people, making them curious of knowing about these strange happenings. A lot of documentaries have also been made where we see experts telling the audience about the possibilities of alien life coming to earth. Advancements in the field of science and technology are still being made in order to know the truth behind all of these unusual encounters and sighting of unearthly things and their influence on people living all around the world.


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