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Quran Internalized – Surah "Al-Alaq" or Chapter “Read” (96)

Reflect and learn what the Creator of existence conveys to us in Surah “Al-Alaq” or Chapter “Read” (96)

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Quran Internalized is a series of explanation of the Holy Quran. This list is for studying Surah “Al-Alaq” or Chapter “Read” (96)

#1 Part 1 – Surah “Al-Alaq” or Chapter “Read” (96) 1-2

(96) 1-  “Read in the name of your Lord who creates.

(96) 2 - He creates human being from a clot”

#6 Part 6 – Surah “Al-Alaq” or Chapter “Read” (96) 11-19

(96) 11 - “Have you considered whether he is on the right way”

(96) 12 - “or is concerned with God-consciousness”

(96) 13 - “Have you considered if he gives the lie to the truth and turns (his) back?”

(96) 14 - “Does he not realize that God sees all?”

(96) 15 - “Nay, if he desist not, We shall most surely drag him down upon his forehead”

(96) 16 - “The lying, rebellious forehead!”

(96) 17 - “Then let him call his associates,”

(96) 18 - “We will call the angels of Hell”

(96) 19 - “No! Do not obey him. But prostrate yourself and draw near [to god]”



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