Earth Day: What can we do to preserve valuable resources?

Most of us participate in debates and other discussions that are about preserving natural resources. A majority of people think that controlling the curbing the misuse of natural resources might not be in their hand. Being unaware of the threat being posed to our planet, a lot of people are involved in the wastage of these precious natural resources on purpose

However, if we take a closer look on our surroundings, we realize that our small actions at individual level can bring big changes to the world around us. Climate change, global warming, droughts, increased temperature; constant humidity, decrease in the area of rain forests and The only solution to all these disastrous problems is conservation of natural resources by protecting our surroundings and environment.

It is not only the responsibility of environmentalists, ecologists or governments but instead, every single person should be playing their role in it. To save nature, you don’t have to climb Mount Everest but you just have to switch your routine to focus on using more environmental friendly things and strategies to effectively contribute your efforts in going green.

Raising awareness

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If you have adopted a cautious approach in terms of using environmental friendly products and come up with a feasible way of conserving resources so you should spread awareness about it instead of keeping it to yourself. This is one of the biggest thing that could educated people about the sufferings of our planet.

The nature deeply relies on the activities of human and instead of safeguarding it, we are constantly causing harm to it. Seeing anyone destroying a particular natural habitat and doing nothing about it means that you are the accomplice of that crime. If you can’t do anything at least speak up against it as it is your voice that could raise timely awareness and get that activity stopped.

Make a group of people including your friends and family or use digital channels such as social media to let everyone know what you have to say. If you are a student of any educational institution, you have an edge on all the other people as you can easily let a whole lot of students know about different ways of doing efforts for protecting natural environment and resources.

Avoid consuming items with excessive packaging

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It’s not something new that we are hearing about. In fact, it is one of those ways that environmentalists have been telling us about from years. First of all, we have to look at the way we spend our routine. Upon looking around, we might a lot of edible items around us that are even not necessary and good for our health.

Many of these items are usually processed and packaged foods. Rule them out absolutely and consume more organic products. It also encourages us to go for the purchases from the markets or stores that are available locally. By doing this you would be filling up your emptied containers in order to use them with the fresh supply you have purchased. It will be driving us more towards the use of recyclable items and packaging.

Apart from the fact that local purchasing helps us in protecting the environment around us, it will also be a way of promoting the business of local farmers as well as the traditional shopkeepers running business on a small scale. These all are simple lifestyle changes not demanding much but just the refusal of packaged items mostly that are found in plastic poly bags.

All these landfill sites across the world are the places where these non-recyclable packaging are dumped, just contributing to the environmental pollution and doing no good. So, now you know what you should be using while going out and carrying stuff after shopping. Well, all of the materials that you would be using are required to be recyclable or reusable, if you want the mess of pollution and wastage of natural resources to be stopped.

Smart use of energy

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We usually see these public service messages and ads flashing, telling us to make use of energy in the most efficient way. It is because, it takes a lot create energy and simply wasting it is absolutely not right. The generation of energy with the help of burning fossil fuels and other conventional methods is taking a toll on the environmental condition of our planet.

With the advancement of technology, we see a lot of companies are now introducing energy efficient appliances and believe us they are not even that much costly. The reason they are making this kind of technology cheaper is because the goal is to make the habit of energy saving immensely popular and common in almost every part of the world.

The situation is quite alarming as we are running out of natural resources with each passing day. However, we might still get this situation controlled if all of us make those efforts either individually or together in the form of groups.


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