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Earn $100 or more with a mobile app – HoneyGain


The math on this is simple.

Investment required:


Assuming that you’re already paying for internet (wifi or mobile data).

You will need some extra space on your phone or computer to download an app.

PayPal account is preferred.

How to get started?

Download the following app on your phone or computer (if you have an iPhone, computer might be a better option).

Important: Use the referral link below, otherwise you miss out on $5.

*Download link:

How much will you earn?

For every 10 MB = 1 cent earned.

My average is about $1 every 5 days without lifting a finger.

You should get about a minimum of $50 per year from this app.

Your payments are made out to you using PayPal.

Don’t have PayPal? You can transfer your amount to someone else who does have PayPal and they can transfer the amount to you.

How does it work?

Basically the app uses your home or mobile internet to further improve the internet experience for others around the world.


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