Do Celebrities Actually Run Their Twitter Accounts?

A social network website with millions of users around the world, Twitter is an ideal place for the celebrities to gain more following and attention. So, do they actually run their accounts or someone else tweets on behalf of them?

With all the latest happenings and developments, Twitter is going famous with each passing day. It has millions of active users who check their accounts, tweet, retweet, create and follow trends. All these facts make Twitter an unavoidable platform for celebrities.

Politicians, actors, singers, entrepreneurs, and even influential humanitarians; all these people have existence on social media, mainly on Twitter. The news on Twitter breaks before every other medium. Having a character limit for every post, the information shared on Twitter is concise and easy to read.

Celebrities on Twitter

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Almost all of the celebrities in today’s world has existence on Twitter. A lot of people among us might be following Miley Cyrus to keep themselves updated with the latest happenings about her. Here we have mentioned Miley Cyrus because she is one of those celebrities who manages her Twitter account herself.

Are we following real celebrities or their assistants?

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It is a very interesting question because all of us want to know its actual answer. However, things are quite different in reality and a lot of people among us have doubts that whether the Twitter accounts of the celebrities we are following are actually controlled by them or not.

Celebrities are followed by people because they think their accounts are being operated by themselves. To our dismay, this is not the case with every celebrity. Some are too busy to keep their social media account updated, while others are not interested but they want to keep their fans updated.

In both the scenarios above, they hire an assistant or agency to take care of the Twitter thing for them. Their official Twitter accounts are logged into their assistants’ smartphones and PCs to keep the audience updated through tweets about the latest happenings.

Do all celebrities hire assistants for their Twitter existence?

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Outsourcing social media management turns out to be the most convenient way for celebrities to stay connected with their fans. All their fans want is their visibility on the social media platforms they use, especially Twitter.

Although, not all celebrities go for the feasibility of hiring assistants instead they handle their Twitter accounts themselves. It is because they want their very own self to be connected with their fans on social media.

It is not that the social media managers themselves of being their existence on Twitter, they put up their information about personal life. Instead, they engage their fans and followers by posting about their current projects.

Of course, all of us would love to know the names of the celebrities who manage their Twitter accounts themselves. It would make us feel more closely connected to the renowned figures of the media industry we follow.

Some Celebrities run their Twitter Accounts themselves

Let’s have a look at the list of celebrities who actually manage their own Twitter accounts and the names that you will see scrolling down on your screen will surely surprise you!


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With the most magical and soulful voice, Cher is winning our hearts for decades. Of course, she is one of those celebrities who tweets herself. She occasionally shares her family photos. By looking at some of the tweets that she shares usually, it can be seen that she is a fan of emojis and is fond of using them.

Kim Kardashian West

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Kim Kardashian is one of the most famous celebrities on Twitter. She is an extremely popular face of American television who usually appears on reality shows. Her fans are habitual of seeing her proactive photos in their news feed.

Although she stands among the most popular women in the world and even with her busy schedule, she manages to keep up with her followers on Twitter by managing her account herself.

Despite all the controversies, people love Kim Kardashian West and that they also like seeing her photos in their newsfeeds on a daily basis. Not only this, but she is also habitual in conversing and responding to her fans every day which is extremely beneficial for her as a celebrity.

Miley Cyrus

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We have already mentioned the name of Miley Cyrus as the celebrity who looks after and update her Twitter account herself. She started her career at a very early age and appeared as a child star.

From the very beginning, she has been extremely famous among young children and teenagers. She has produced a lot of hit numbers as a singer and has gained a lot of fandom in a very short span of time.

Miley Cyrus has always been experimental about her looks and comes up with a new appearance every time. A delightful thing about her is that she is never hesitant of investing her time while updating her fans on Twitter.


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