Curiosity: How powerful is the human brain compared to a computer?

No matter how fast processors they make or how much development is being done in the field of technology, it still can’t compete the power of a human brain. A computer can be programmed to do a specific task and no doubt, it can get done that task more effectively than a human but there’s still no match of it to the entirety of our brain’s capabilities.

It is not happening today only but from a long time, scientists are trying to come up with computers that can do complex things like human brain, having all those abilities but somehow, they failed to do so. It is because, a computer can only be programmed and it cannot come up with thinking and ideas of its own.

A massive cluster of nerve cells holding it all together

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Human brain is the most complex phenomenon found on earth. It is extremely powerful and consumes most of the energy produced in our body. It has billions of nerve cells helping it work and exhibit extraordinary performance.

The connections are so complex and are almost incomprehensible. Scientists have tired numerous times to mimic the natural connections found between never cells and the way they communicate with each other but due to their limited understandings about them, they have failed to come up with any fruitful result.

“The human brain has 100 billion neurons, each neuron connected to 10 thousand other neurons. Sitting on your shoulders is the most complicated object in the known universe.” – Michio Kaku

An amazing and extraordinary natural phenomenon that no technology can replicate. Here’s a video that tells us about the incredible powers and abilities of a human brain!

How many processors were required to mimic human brain for just a second?

The complexity of human brain is almost impossible to understand. Not long ago, a group of scientists tried to mimic only 1 second of human brain. In order to do that, they required over 82,000 processors to run the fastest supercomputer and that too only for 1 second could work like a human brain.

This clearly shows that the level of performance of a human brain is unsurpassed. Up till now, there is no existing technology that can effectively compete with human brain and the complexities of its functionalities.

Pattern recognition, learning and psychic abilities

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Some of the things that our brain can do never fail to amaze us. When a child is born, everything is new to them. They try to learn and grasp everything from their surroundings. Unlike computers, we don’t have to program a child’s brain to perform a particular task.

All the skill learning is being done by themselves and we just have to guide them and show them the way of doing those particular things effectively. Our teachings combined with their learning abilities help them gaining expertise.

This is how a human brain works and keep on amazing us with its capabilities. All these features including pattern recognition, learning and speech abilities help us to thrive in this world. It is because we have the most incredible organ sitting right on the top of our head.

It doesn’t need a break unlike computer 

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No processors, no charging, no electrical supply; all it needs is proper nutrition and diet to keep working. It doesn’t need to rest and it keeps on working even when we go to sleep. Yes, it never sleeps and continues to process our thoughts when we are sleeping.

Not only our brain is involved in thought processing, but during that time it is also controlling our other body organs, making them to function properly. In short, it is more active when we are asleep.

A strange phenomenon that we call ‘dream’ is also a part of brain mystery that scientist is researching about. However, we start to feel stranger about dreams when we get to know and feel that it is the succession of ideas, emotions and the feelings we experience involuntarily in our sleep. It means we ourselves cannot control them but our brain can.

How much of our brain do we use?

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If we open the task manager in one of the PC’s running on Windows OS, we get to see the performance of the computer we are using. It not only shows us the level of performance and the number of processes running in the background, but also the capacity of the memory that is being used while processing.

Sometimes the bar touches the highest point of the scale showing in task manager and it shows that we are using the computer to its fullest capacity but this is not the case with human brain. According to countless surveys and researches, it has been observed that majority of us use only a fraction of our brain capacity and the results are in front of us.

If we could start using our brain to the fullest or even the half of its capacity (which is humanly impossible), the history of mankind would change forever because the real power of brain is not realized by us up till now.


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