Cultural Values: Do Movies Really Affect Our Societies?

Yes, the impact of movies on the societies around the world is undeniable. So, why many of us take movies so seriously? Are we so fond of seeing our favorite celebrities playing the role of one of our favorite characters? Well, the world of entertainment gives us a good escape from our day to day worries. Not only that it is the source of entertainment but it also serves as a medium of fun filled discussions among a group of people having similar interests.

Where does the Cinema Industry Stand?

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Of course, nothing can replace the joy of enjoying your favorite movie on a big screen. The story, the action and mainly the sound effects that you experience in a cinema hall will get your excitement doubled. This is why a lot of people go to the cinemas despite of having countless other sources through which they can entertain themselves by watching the film they like.

Apart from all this, the stakeholders in the cinema industry have a lot to deal with when they are planning to run a particular movie. There are legal obligations related to each and every content that has been featured in a movie and that requires approval before exhibiting publicly.

So, why are there so much restrictions when movies are made for the sake of entertainment. It is because the genres of movies are extremely diverse these days, covering a lot of aspects from the past, present and future (everything is possible in a movie that shows us a fictional world). All these aspects, facts and fantasies come together and take a shape of one of the movies we like.

Do we take inspiration from fictional characters?

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Inspiration can come from anywhere and especially when you see your favorite character doing a certain action or behaving in a particular way, we try to imitate it (intentionally or unintentionally). This thing comes in natural in human behavior and is found common among people who take them as die-hard fans of movies.

The aspects of the fictional world have slowly but impactfully started overshadowing the factual realities of the real world. Our priorities have changed and that is making us to think from different perspective missing out on a lot of important things.

Another thing that movies affect in a particular society is its culture. It cannot only be taken in a negative sense but a lot of people believe that movies are responsible for cultural evolvement of a society. The world of entertainment somehow connects different societies and cultures on the basis of common elements among them.

So, do you think movies are doing only good to the societies or are they also playing role in the spread of negativity around the world. Negativity in terms of hatred, terrorism and crimes as all these factors are causing harm to people on individual level as well as in the form of communities.

Spread of violence and vandalism

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We all love movies with the elements of action, thriller and suspense, and crazily follow them but what we don’t know is that following these movies build up the feelings of aggressiveness. So, is this aggressiveness limited to feelings only or are they becoming the cause behind the spread of violence in societies?

Things are not as simple as they sound and to some extent they have gone out of hand. Everyday, we get to read a lot of news about crimes happening around us. They include robbery, murder, vandalism and different kinds of acts of terrorism.

The behavior of people living in different societies is turning violent and aggressive and amidst all this, movie-makers can play an extremely eminent role by promoting peace through the platform of entertainment instead of portraying violence through the movies they make.

Are we taking movies too seriously?

Things are still controllable and tables can be turned if we all start to act responsibly and stop taking movies too seriously. Our role as individual also counts a lot. Even many of the action and thriller movies convey the right message, it depends how we intake it.

Acting as a sane person, we are expected to grasp in all the elements depicting positivity whatever content we watch to get ourselves entertained while avoiding the negativity shown it. This is what we should be responsibly doing to reduce the negative effects of movies on societies that are the reason people act violently and cause harm to the people and property surrounding them.

However, this doesn’t lessen the accountability of film-makers in terms of showing aggressiveness and violence while using the platform of entertainment because they already know that they will get reactions – either negative or positive – for everything they show on screens.


What do you think?