20 Creative Ways to Make Money

You may have heard a lot of people saying that money doesn’t grow on trees but you can actually make and save some extra bucks every month or once in a while by thinking about and working on different ideas. In today’s world, when technology has become so common, you would surely find some other income sources. You can easily look for opportunities online or by connecting with different people via the internet. 

Well, if you don’t know how and where to look for such opportunities, then this article is for you. Here we have rounded up the 20 creative ways to make money using different online and offline means.

Sell Things on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace

You can do a lot with your computer and your smartphone. They can become an extra source of income for you. Online places like Craiglist and Facebook Marketplace allow you to exchange and sell the goods and services you offer. Nowadays, people use them a lot to make some extra money. 

Take a look around your home, if you think it is cluttered by unnecessary things, the best way to get rid of them is to sell them online on the aforementioned platforms and get some cash in your pocket.

Sell Stock Photos

Every time is a good time to cash your photography and videography skills. Thankfully, there are many different online platforms available these days that accept work from freelancers. Selling stock photos and videos is one of the most creative ways to make money. You can sell your work on Fotolia and Adobe Stock, Getty Images, iStock Photo and Shutterstock

By providing your work on these platforms as royalty-free content or under a license, you can earn anything between $0.30 and $100 per sale, depending on your experience and profile on that particular platform.

Rent Out a Room on Airbnb

Have an extra room in your living space? Take it as an opportunity and get ready to generate some extra cash by renting it out to someone. For this purpose, you can use Airbnb. It is one of the best places to find short-term rentals, beach houses and cabins. 

List your room on this online marketplace with all the required and relevant information, so the interested people may be able to contact you. You may probably find a tenant soon. The rental income you’ll earn this way could help you to manage your expenses and step up your money-saving habit.

Freelance Online to Sell Your Skills

Writing, graphic designing, headhunting, project managing, digital marketing or handyman skills like carpentering, plumbing, auto repairing; anything you are good at can help you earn some money. Luckily, in this advanced age of technology, you may not even have to go out to find some extra work according to your skills. All you have to do is to search the internet.

Popular freelance websites where you can find work these days include Toptal, PeoplePerHour, Upwork,, and You can also take a look at other platforms like LinkedIn and Glassdoor to check for opportunities. There are also many different groups and communities on social platforms like Facebook where you can find different types of remote working opportunities. 

Teach Classes Online

If you are good at teaching and have some special skills, then you are in luck. There are many different platforms these days that offer opportunities to online teachers. Take Udemy for example. It is one of the best websites offering free online courses and is widely popular among students all around the world for its wide variety of free and paid educational materials and lectures. 

You can easily become an online teacher and follow a proper routine, which could become a good source of income for you down the road. It is the best way to utilize your skills in the educational field and earn money by working remotely. 

Deliver Meals

If you know how to drive and have a valid driver’s license, then you are in luck. The demand for delivery drivers has significantly increased nowadays and it is one of the best ways to make money. 

People have no time these days to wait in long restaurant queues to wait for their turn. It is when they look for a handy solution and what could be better for them than getting their favorite food at their doorstep. You can look for services like Uber Eats, DoorDash and GrubHub among others. 

Drive People Around

If you have some free time and your driving skills are good, then you can use your car to do a part-time job. A lot of people are driving people around and taking them to their destinations in exchange for some cash. They get themselves registered on a ridesharing platform. 

Well, it is one of the easiest and most creative ways to make money in today’s world. You can register yourself with Uber, Lyft or any other local ridesharing apps in your city and start earning money right away by offering your driving services to people and helping them reach their destinations. 

Become a Dog Walker

If you have experience of looking after dogs and taking them for a walk, then you can use your skills and experience to earn some extra cash. You could look around your neighborhood and ask people if they need someone to walk their dogs. 

Don’t be ashamed of telling them that you charge money for walking a dog and that you have relevant experience. A lot of people are doing dog walking business these days and they charge for their services on an hourly basis. The chargers may range between $30 and $60 per hour. Also, the fee for dog walking may depend on the breed of the dog and could be more for handling large and aggressive dogs. 

Create Podcasts

Well, if you have good public speaking skills and can talk on any particular topic for hours, then you can surely utilize your expertise to create your own podcast. It is one of the most creative ways to make money in today’s world and you can get started for free on the Openiun app.

Wondering how podcasts make money? The definitive answer to this question is that once you become a famous podcaster, you start getting sponsorship and affiliate marketing offers. Brands want to associate their presence with your name. This way they could reach a wider audience and in return, you would be offered some money. 

Take Surveys

People can earn up to $100 a month for taking or being a part of online surveys. Make sure you know about the website for which you are taking the survey. You would never want to be fooled or scammed. 

Never ever pay anyone for taking any particular online survey, you are the one who should be paid. It is important to know that many of these survey websites also ask for your personal questions. If you think they sound good, answer them and if you don’t find them appropriate, let them pass. Some of the most commonly used online survey portals that pay you to include BrandedSurveys,, and LifePoints 

Rent Out a Parking Spot

Do you have an extra spot for a vehicle? Well, you can consider giving it to someone on rent. The charges of the car parking space are set according to its type. If you have a shaded and secure parking spot, you can charge more for it than a spot in an open parking lot. 

According to an estimate, if you rent an enclosed parking space, you can make up to $300 a month as compared to an open-air parking spot, which could help you earn up to $200 per month. Websites like and ParkPNP allow many people around the country to find or rent parking spaces. 

Write for Blogs

Are you a writer? If yes, then there are plenty of opportunities out there for you. The best thing you can do is to write blogs. Pick any field that interests you and then look for a relevant opportunity. Once you find it, go ahead and apply for it. You would probably enjoy doing your job if the topic of the blog is related to your education or experience. It would even make the research work easier and enjoyable for you. Some of the most common blog categories that are famous these days are fashion, technology, food, home decor and how-to guides. 

Sell Your Used Clothes

Look around your living space, check every corner and even hard-to-reach areas, you may find some clothes that are no longer needed. Well, you can easily sell them for some bucks in exchange for cash. 

What would be better than getting some money for selling your used clothes online and in the form of a garage sale, which a lot of people organize to get rid of the clutter in their homes. Don’t think about discarding them, instead, sell your used clothes that are in good condition. It could be a very useful and convenient solution to your problem. 

Sell Things On Amazon

Amazon is one of the largest marketplaces. It gives everyone a chance to set up their online store and start selling. The name of Amazon is so well known that there are chances your business could get good exposure if you are selling things on Amazon. 

Once your online store on Amazon starts getting traffic, you could possibly make a lot of money. However, it also depends on the nature of the products and services you are offering. There are many different sellers on Amazon who are making around $1,000 a month. A successful seller on the platform can reach as high as $250,000 a month. 

Sell Your Art

If you are looking for opportunities to sell your art and make some money, then you are doing the right thing. Luckily, we live in an era where technology has made everything very simple and easily accessible. If you want to sell your art, you don’t have to go to someone, instead, you can post your work online. 

There are many different websites that accept work from independent artists and provide them opportunities to sell their original works of various types, such as photography, painting, handicrafts and other things. Etsy, Big Cartel, Storeenvy, ArtPal, Artmajeur, Zatista, and Zibbet are some popular online platforms in this regard. 

Be a Pet Sitter

Becoming a pet sitter is one of the best ways to earn some extra cash. If you are looking for pet sitting opportunities but don’t exactly know how and where to find them, then you can start by asking in your social circle including your peers, friends and family. 

Depending on the pet you are taking care of, your experience and the budget for the job decided by the pet owner, you can earn as high as $25 per hour by being a pet sitter. It would be even better for you if you like animals and have some hands-on experience as a vet or have some experience in terms of treating animals or taking care of animals when they’re sick. 

Rent Out Your Car

If you are not using your vehicle on a regular basis, then instead of leaving it parked, you can make some money from it. Have you ever considered renting it out? You can rent your car with the help of many different companies. For example, if you have signed up for Avail Car Sharing, you can simply leave your car at the airport. 

They would add your car to their list for people who are looking for car rental options. According to their official website, you can earn as much as $25 a day by renting your car. Another similar service is Hyrecar, which gives rental options to people who are driving for different ridesharing apps.

Get Cash Back for Shopping Online

Thinking of creative ways to make money? How about you get some cash back for online shopping? The more you shop, the more you save. There are many different websites and mobile applications available these days that offer you cashback vouchers, loyalty points and other types of discount offers when you purchase items that are worth a certain amount.

To get amazing cash backs and rebates for your online shopping activities, turn to websites like Rakuten and Mr.Rebates. These two are among the popular saving and cashback websites accessed by a lot of online users.

Sell Crafts on Etsy

If you are looking for an online marketplace, which is accessed and used by millions of people from different parts of the world, then check out Etsy. If you are looking to make arts and crafts your income source, then you should definitely go for selling on Etsy. It is one of the most creative ways to make money.

If you take a look at this E-commerce website, crafts and supplies are its top-selling category. You would surely be able to find a buyer for your work and the chances are high that you’ll be able to sell it at a good price.

Buy and Sell Domain Names

If you are looking for a profitable and easy money-making side business, then you should consider buying and selling domain names, which a lot of people are doing these days. It has become one of the most popular means of freelancing. It works for even those people who follow irregular schedules or don’t have a proper day job.

Selling domain names can never replace your full-time job. To get a hold of this business, you need to learn more about the schedules of the domain auctions and sales. Such opportunities are available for a limited timeframe in their respective market., Flippa, NamePros, and Namecheap are some popular platforms to buy and sell domain names.

Along with creative ways to earn some extra money, there are also many different tips that can help you save up to $500 a month. In today’s world, money-saving is a very important matter that should be carefully considered by every other person if they want to manage their expenses according to their income.


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