Bold Accessory Trends to Channel the Bad-ass that Dwells within

We all have a badass that dwells deep within our inner goddess, and yearns to exhibit itself should the moment arise. However, unfortunately, many of us try to tame our inner goddess, always making attempts to conceal the badass that dwells within us by denying ourselves the bold trends of the season.

All women have the undeniable right to look beautiful and feel sexy. And in order to fully rejoice the dynamic power of your femininity, you need to unleash your inner badass and allow her to shine your personality with all her glory. You can unleash your inner temptress with a few cleverly played glamour tricks and of course, some timeless styling tools that will forever excite you with their sexiness.

Here, feast your eyes on all the bold accessory trends that will unleash your inner badass with a powerful sassiness:

Corset Fever

For centuries, corsets have been associated with a bold figure-hugging fit that allows a woman to cinch up her petite waist and highlight the beauty of her curves with prideful confidence. This bold and powerful accessory has been a woman’s prime styling tool ever since the medieval times, and despite how far we have come and how much we have achieved during the long journey of style liberation, women still find corsets undeniably functional and irrevocably sexy.

Corset belts are as hot as ever, and these delights are a definite must-have when you want to sharpen your lady boss vibes and strike a bolder than bold pose on the streets. These belts can be paired up with pantsuits, basic white button-downs, jumpsuits, dresses, sheaths, and even pencil skirts. So, start flaunting with all your contemporary casual and work wear statements for a sexy dose of medieval chicness!

Skimpy & Lacy Bralettes

Bralettes have emerged as one of the hottest street style accessories, and be it a hot summer day or a chilly winter night, these badass babies are a fashion treat that you can flaunt all year long. A sensually glamorous lace bralette with a choker neckline or a heavily embellished halter-neck is just what you need to give your leather jackets and night-life outfits a bold pop of sexy energy.

You can flaunt them with your high-waisted skirts, pantsuits, tuxedos, high-waist pants, jackets-basically anything and everything. The best part is, the sexy appeal of a bralette leaves little need to accessorize with jewelry. It’s truly and utterly a girl’s best friend when she wants to channel her inner goddess with an audaciously bold vibe.

Shoulder-Grazing Earrings

Ladies, get ready to flaunt larger-than-life statement earrings for designers have become increasingly obsessed with the idea of showcasing earrings that brush the shoulders, and in certain cases, even extend way beyond the shoulders. These larger-than-life statement earrings come in an abundance of variety, including exotic gemstones, rustic metals, metallic accents, sterling silver, gold-dipped earrings, beads, tassels and a lot more.

These are a definite must-have if you intend to strike a drop-dead bold pose in your festive, black tie and party wear outfits. These shoulder-grazing statement earrings will allow you to become the center of attention with their king-size glamour.

Animal Accents

Reptile-inspired earrings, honey-bee rings, leopard-skin accessories, and the crazy assortment of chokers that has been inspired by the entire animal kingdom, from the butterflies to the zebras, lions, and giraffes, emerged as the hottest highlight of the 2018 runways.

Designers have become infatuated with the idea of giving all our favorite accessories, be it rings, bracelets, arm cuffs or chokers, a powerful dose of the magnificence of the animal kingdom. So, get ready to flaunt delicate butterfly chokers, animal brooches, and those gorgeous snake-inspired rings from Gucci.

Chunky Neck Bling

On days when you can’t be bothered to layer and pair a decent outfit, just concentrate on going bold on the accessories as they will help you brim your outfit with a bold attention-grabbing energy. The idea is to pick out chunky layers of heavy necklaces, heavy chokers and mighty navel-grazing pendants that will cover up the front of your silhouette, dress or shirt.

There is an abundance of variety to explore, you can pick out chunky mineral slice pendants, gemstones, heavy beads, intricate chain-pendants, massive monogram-necklaces and lots more. The idea is to go bold by pairing as much as you can!

Shine Bright!

Sequins, glitter, and shine have emerged as the hottest trend to rock in 2018, and it’s time you stock up your accessory closet with heaps of these styling essentials. Ladies, it’s about time you start embracing the positive burst of energy and confidence that sequined accessories provide our style statements, and this year, designers are hell-bent on making sequins acceptable for all dress codes, be it formal, casual or conservative.

You need to stock up heaps of sequined and glittery earrings, bracelets, handbags, shoes and above all, glittery sequined boots so you can own street style like a goddess, or like Rihanna.

Funky Eyewear

Eyewear and shades have undergone an intensely funky transformation this season, and we see designers storming the runways with sunglasses that come in all kinds of unusually funky colors, shapes, and designs. Get ready to rock a glitzy pair of flower-shaped sunglasses in neon yellow. If this isn’t unusual enough, you can pick out star-shaped, crescent-shaped and countless other geometric shapes that come in a plethora of exciting colors, including pink, red, greens, blues and a lot more.

These infectiously voguish delights are a definite must-have for the beach, and you can even rock them in street style if you can flaunt funky accessories with a fierce sense of confidence.

Fringed Boots

Saint Laurent has funneled an exciting new footwear trend, and needless to say, we are going absolutely crazy over its voguish chicness. It is worth mentioning that this year, fringes have undergone a modernistic revamping and we can no longer associate this trend with the wayward gypsy-like grace of boho fringing.

This contemporary fringing is sexy and bold, and you ought to flaunt its attention-grabbing power with a sexy pair of knee-high boots. It is highly advisable to pick out a bold and energetic color, such as navy blue, black or red.

Religious Bling

Chunky crucifix pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets strike all the right chords of bold gothic-inspired glamour that will give your outfit a drop-dead glamorous appeal. Dolce & Gabbana, amongst other Italian designers, never fails to disappoint us with its exotic collection of crucifix-inspired jewelry, studded with intricate and colourful gemstones, bright hues and artful arrangements of beads. These delights are a definite must-have if you want to strike a glamorous statement dripping with art and cultural appeal.

Micro Purses

Ladies, 2

018 is the official year of functional fashion, and this amazingly bold trend has been funnelled by the fashion industry to allow women a hands free style statement so they can sway the night away on the dance floor sans restraints.

Micro purses and elegant minaudières are all the rage this season, and even though these barely-there delights can hardly carry a credit card or a lipstick, they are a fiercely powerful trend that all women must experiment with.


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