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Beware: These are the main causes of childhood obesity

A majority of the children living in different societies around the world are going through childhood obesity and this number is continuing keeps on increasing with time. If we talk in comparison then children have fewer weight-related problems than those found in the cases of adults.

However, it is to be noted here that children who are overweight have a higher risk of developing chronic diseases including diabetes and heart diseases later in their life. This condition does not only affect their physical health but mental health as well and they are likely to develop stress, anxiety and low self-esteem.

Many of the parents find it normal when they see their children gaining weight but if things go that way then there comes a situation which becomes quite painful and stressing for the whole family. The most ideal age to grow and develop for a person is their childhood and being overweight ruin almost everything for them in that particular age.

There are a lot of factors to worry about when you are trying to fight against childhood obesity that is becoming more common with each passing year. Here we are about to shed light on the two most significant factors to provide you with the necessary information that will help you keeping your little ones fit, active and healthy.

Lack of Physical Activity

It is something that happens naturally if a child is inactive and go out less to play or to involve in any other physical activity than they become sluggish and overweight as they grow older. This also affects their learning abilities, putting their future in darkness.

However, the good news is that if their parents intervene in their activities responsibly and keep an eye on them, this could ultimately save them from a lot of trouble. Though it is not an easy task and parents may feel that they are behaving in a wrong way with their children. The thing they have to do at that very moment is to put all the guilt aside and think about the heathy and successful future of their children, this might give them some relief.

The struggle doesn’t end when your kids are quite young and it goes on in their teenage as well. With the introduction of video games and other technological gadgets, the activity of children going out and playing with their friends has also been restricted. this is another reason of their bodies to start storing fat instead of burning it, causing obesity to spread in a much more dangerous and alarming way.

Unhealthy Eating Habits

Now let’s come to the food factor; the parents are fond of getting their kids the things they love to eat. So, the question that has to be asked here is that: does the parent know that they are giving their children the best food? However, if they can’t not surely answer it but do they think that they are at least trying?

We see a lot of people – just to stop their children from crying – buy them candies, sugary stuff and snacks and let them eat all those items uncontrollably. So, have they ever thought that they are making their child sick. Yes, it is a fact and doctors recommend parents around the globe to provide their children with most of the diet that is healthy for them so that the growth of their physical as well as mental health could get boosted.

Buying them each and every snack and unhealthy food items that they crave can cause addiction of those particular kinds of foods in them. This could also make them to avoid consuming healthy meals that contain fiber, calcium and all the other nutrients that are extremely important for them. So, if you are a parent, keep an eye on what your kids are consuming.

Make sure that you are incorporating the healthy eating habits in their daily routine and if they wine over snacks all the time, teach them politely that they are not good for their health. When taking care of children, everything needs to be dealt very carefully.

How to help children with obesity?

This is related to what has already been discussed above. Obesity in children is not something that cannot be undone. Children are more adaptive to changes than adults and this make them to recover even faster from the stage of being overweight.

It all starts with a proactive and vigilant routine. Make the child realize that being fat isn’t good at all so that they could get the real motivation of getting their body back in shape. Try using funny and relatable ways to bring the habit of playing outdoor and involving more in physical activities back in them.

Invite the people they admire the most and if they are well in shape, give them their example so that they could get the persuasion they need of getting from fat to thin in a delightful way. Also tell them that the unhealthy items they consume regularly are not good for them or may stop them from achieving something they desire. These are some of the politest and most feasible ways of helping the children to eminently fight the medical condition of obesity.


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