You cannot control everything while travelling, but there are a multitude of practical travel accessories that can make the process smoother, more organized and safer. To ensure you get the best travel products, we’ve turned to Amazon’s bestseller list, which includes accessories reviewed by thousands of travellers. Check out the top 10 and start shopping for your next getaway. 

Packing Cubes Bagail 6 Set 

This affordable set of Bagail packaging cubes comes with six organizers in three different sizes to help you pack your suitcase easily and efficiently. The smaller cubes are perfect for underwear and swimwear, while larger ones can be filled with hoodies. The website states that a medium sized cube can hold two overcoats and two to three pants. There are different color options, all in a high-quality material. 

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Zoppen Mulitpurpose Passport Wallet 

If you are still looking for your passport, wallet and boarding pass in your bag, this Zoppen product is designed to keep it easily in one place. The sleek classic wallet comes in a variety of colors and includes a passport pocket, a boarding pass compartment, credit card slots, an ID card slot, a SIM card pocket and even a mobile phone pouch up to 5.8 inches. It also has an RFID blocking shield to prevent hackers from overwriting data by radio frequency identification. 

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Peak Gear Travel Money Belt with RFID Block 

To visit popular destinations, or simply rest easy, opt for the Peak Gear Travel Money Belt. The water-resistant belt has two compartments and pockets inside the hidden pocket to accommodate multiple passports, credit cards and currency. It has a built-in RFID blocking to prevent skimming of data. Very small, regular (fits most) and very large sizes are available. 

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Venture 4th Neck Travel Wallet 

For those who prefer to keep their important documents and money around the neck, this one from Venture 4th is the best seller. The portfolio includes three storage compartments, a Velcro pocket, two zippered pockets and a clear ID card slot. It also has an RFID block to protect travelers against manual and electronic hand-held theft. It is available in various neutral shades. 

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Oursunshine Travel Bottles 

These Oursunshine TSA approved travel bottles are ideal for liquids such as shampoos, conditioners and lotions. Their soft and compressible material is convenient for getting the last drop, while the anti-drip valve ensures no leakage. This set includes two three-ounce bottles, two two ounce bottles and two 0.35 ounce containers. 

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Cosmetic Case Organizer Relavel Travel 

This portable Relavel organizer can store makeup, nail polish, jewelry, toiletries and more in a convenient nylon-lined case. The upper flap has a zipper section and pockets, while the main portion has multiple compartments that can be adjusted to different sizes. It is available in black and bright pink colors. 

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